Honest, this clear $8 Kmart travel bag will make your next flight infinitely more comfy.

Flying anywhere when you’re not in first class isn’t the most comfortable way to spend two to 15 hours.

Limited leg room. Pants falling down and/or riding up. Bra sticking into back fat. Cold feet. Smells. Yeah… not so fun.

But one of the most infuriating things about flying has to be when you need something – say, a lip balm or your headphones – only to realise they’re out of reach.

It’s awkward. You’ve got to do the whole leaning over the person next to you’s feet to reach your bag under the seat. Or worse, tap the mate sleeping next to you on the shoulder and ask them to get up so you can get something very important out of the overhead compartment.

Check out the quick video below for some genius travel hacks to make your next flight more comfy. Post continues after video.

Video by MMC

This is why there’s a very strong argument for packing one of these clear cosmetics bags on your next flight.

The premise is simple. To minimise in-flight discomfort and maximise leg room, pop your essential items in one of these mini clear bags. This includes all the little random bits you might like to reach for in the air, like: headphones, tissues, mints, toothbrush, lip balm, earplugs, eye mask, hair ties, antibacterial wipes, so on and so forth.

Then, throw your bigger carry on bag in the overhead compartment, and you and your legs are ready to fly.


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You can then wedge this little bag in a comfy spot in and around your person (under the arm or down the side of your seat works well), giving you more space to stretch out without having to worry about grabbing something from your inevitably jam-packed and completely confused carry on bag.

Now sure, you could use any cosmetics bag, but a clear one is not only on-trend and shows off your skincare products, but will also get through customs if you’re flying overseas.

One of the women in our Mamamia You Beauty Facebook group (come join us, it’s a blast) found this very handy, very cheap set of three clear vinyl travel bags from Kmart for $8. The two smaller bags would be great candidates for this coveted essential items carry on bag, while the larger one can house your larger skincare bottles and cosmetics.

Ah, so handy! Image: Supplied/Sara Brito.
kmart travel bag
Three for the price of one. How thoughtful. Image: Kmart.

We also found some other great options you can buy online:

Target Mouv Trio Cosmetic Bags Set in Black or Rose Gold
These Target bags are so handy. Image: Target.
Target Mouv Trio Cosmetic Bags Set in Black or Rose Gold
And they come in rose gold for a touch of in-flight glam. Image: Target.
big w travel cosmetics bags
BIG W have this set for $10. Image: BIG W.
Alink Clear Travel Toiletry Bag,
Big enough for all your bits and bobs. Image: Amazon AU.
SYSY 3pcs TSA-Approved Travel Toiletry Bag Set
Three-piece sets for the win! Image: Amazon AU.
The Daily Edited Clear Travel Bag
If you're a regular flyer, why not get a fancy monogrammed bag? Image: TDE.
The Daily Edited Clear Travel Pouch
Or you could just get a monogrammed one because... why not? Image: TDE.
BEIS travel fanny pack
Oh, and this clear fanny pack is perfect for the travel influencer in you. Image: BEIS.

Fly safe, friends.

Do you have a fail-safe travel hack? Tell us in the comments!

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