These Gorman-inspired sandals plus the summer line you'll need from Kmart this month.

Summer is fast approaching friends. Which means, of course, it’s time to drop a bunch of cash you don’t have on clothes that will keep your compulsive sweating to a minimum.

This can be problematic, because us humans have a funny way of finding and wanting expensive things. Which is why Kmart is such a bloody godsend.

This week, a lovely person over at heaven Kmart invited us to the retailer’s Summer preview to drool over all the new and affordable things coming to their racks this October.

Hence, we’ve compiled a gallery of all of the things you’ll really want to buy from your closest 24-hour store.


Everything you saw just now comes in sizes six to 18, and six to 11 for the shoes. And the best bit? Prices start from $4. Yep.

All of these pieces will be available in store and online from from Thursday October 26.

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