This mum of five has discovered the perfect back-to-school Kmart storage hack.

There’s not much we love more than a storage hack, but when it coincides perfectly with back-to-school season AND you can get everything from Kmart… it gets us ridiculously excited.

Based in NSW’s Ballina, mum of five Jessica-Louise Groves posted about such a genius hack in a closed Kmart parents group on Facebook, and it has got members in a bit of a tizzy.

Immediately gaining nearly 2.5 thousand likes and hundred of comments, you better get in quick to your local Kmart the parts all sell out.

Her genius set up includes space to fit five school bags, as well as space for shoes, accessories, and a nifty tray for any permission slips and school notes that now might actually make it to you (instead of getting mashed with that banana from three weeks ago).

school bag storage
This almost has us excited for back-to-school season. Almost. Image supplied.

And it turns out it's a hit with her five kids too, aged from eight to two.

"The kids love it," Groves told 9Honey.

"They love being organised like their Mumma," she said.

And since all of the components are available from Kmart, you know it's going to be super cost-effective too.

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In fact we did some research and for the complete set, it'll just set you back $130 for two cube units ($70), three sets of wall hooks ($19.50), four two-pack storage cube grids($14) and four wire baskets ($20).

You could even spice up the white shelves with some book contact paper, I mean since it's back to school season anyway...

You can thank us later.

Do you have a Kmart or back-to-school hack that you're dying to share? Tell us in the comments below!

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