Disgruntled fiancé's epic rant about Kmart is seriously all of our partners.

We LOVE Kmart. There’s nothing more satisfying than popping into the retailer for a toaster and leaving three hours later with a fruit bowl, some new mugs, a vase, three new candles, some pots, a side table, a teepee for our puppa, and, uh, pretty much everything else in the latest catalogue.

But it turns out it’s a love that’s not always shared with the men in our lives.

When Alex Gadd, the “disgruntled fiancé” of Kmart addict Samantha, posted a message to the retailer’s Facebook page last year, he had no idea that he was about to start a movement.

A movement of men from across Australia who had “reached their limit” of reasonably priced, on trend homewares.

Gadd took to Kmart to vent his frustration about his fiancée’s growing addiction to the “unnecessary” household items.

“I am sick of coming home at least once a week to a new candle holder, frame, pot or pot stand. Along with several other nice yet highly unnecessary items,” he wrote.

“I need to know how many more designs can possibly be released? A man can only take so much and I am at my limit …. (She even suggested putting a light shade in MY garage).”

“I am sure the CEO’s are rubbing there (sic) hands together along with all the divorce lawyers who would be getting a huge amount of business ever since you guys had a drastic change in the direction and target of your product line ….. I guess I’m not expecting a response nor an answer…. As I understand my relationship issues are not of your concern. Simply a rant that goes unheard here at home,” he added.

Gadd finished off his rant with: “Your products are too appealing and too cheap for her to resist and as a result it’s putting immense strain on my life. Thanks for listening.”

The post was shared over 6,700 times and received over 48,000 comments. It turns out that the men of Australia agreed with him.

“Omg! I FEEL THIS IN MY SOUL! My partner just won’t stop! We changed the “style” of our household more times than my fingers can count,” someone commented.


“Maybe I need to complain to the Bunnings garden section,” another added.

kmart rant
Oh yeah, more Kmart goodness. Image via Kmart.

A year after Gadd posted the infamous message on Facebook, Kidspot has checked in on him to see how his war against cheap homewares was going.

“Samantha and I are now happily married (since mid-November last year) it would take a lot more than that to destroy our relationship,” he told Kidspot.

“The spending has certainly slowed down. The occasional item here and there pops up but I wouldn’t complain with that … at the end of the day, it’s her money!” he added.

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Sorry men of Australia, it looks like we've won this round. You can never take away our reasonably priced, on trend homewares.