Genius Aussie mum turns two $25 Kmart dresses into stunning spring races outfit and WOAH.

It’s almost Melbourne Cup day and women around the country are scrambling to find a dress that not only fits well but doesn’t break the bank.

Thankfully, one very clever mum has shared a Kmart hack that’ll have you frocked up for the races for just $50.

Brenda Trimboli posted a photo of her latest fashion hack to the Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia this week. When she woke up the next day, over 19,000 people had commented on her photo.

You see, when Trimboli was shopping for a dress at Kmart she discovered that she could make a killer frock if she just sewed two dresses together.

kmart racewear hack
"That’s when the idea popped into my head to make it into a matching skirt.” Image via Facebook.

“I couldn’t find anything I liked and I didn’t want to spend a fortune,” she told

“I saw this dress at my local Kmart and loved the colour, but it was a bit too short for me. So I took two dresses into the change room and tried one on and then flipped the other one upside down and stepped into it with the frill on the bottom. That’s when the idea popped into my head to make it into a matching skirt.”

Trimboil purchased the two $25 dresses and then took them to a friend who does alterations - and within hours she had the perfect frock.

Basically, one dress was cut just below the waist and hemmed - it became the top. While the other dress was cut underneath the arms. The frill was then reattached to make the ruffle at the bottom of the dress.

Trimboli's friend then added a waistband and a zip to complete the whole look.

This was Trimboli's first post in the Facebook group and she was blown away by the response.

But it wasn't Trimboli's first Kmart hack - she's altered two other Kmart dresses in the past with similar - bloody amazing - results.

The dress in question is the Broderie Off Shoulder Dress and it's available in-store or online.

Run don't walk, ladies, we have a feeling it will sell out fast.

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