The $29 Kmart gadget 80,000 women are obsessed with.

There’s nothing like a good Kmart hack, and many of us are part of at least one of the Facebook groups dedicated to sharing Kmart product-based tips so that we can all live our best lives.

But did you know there’s a group dedicated to simply sharing recipes for the Kmart pie maker? If you didn’t, at least 80 000 people do – because that’s how many members are in the group called ‘Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips and Ideas Australia‘ – the brainchild of cousins who, ahem, ‘cooked’ up the idea 10 months ago.

The concept is simple: using the $29 Kmart Pie Maker, members share their simple, and ingenious, recipes to make everything from basic pies, to full cooked breakfasts. And the best part – all you do is put the ingredients in, and the pie maker works its magic.

Behold: the humble pie (no pun intended) maker:

The $29 Kmart pie maker. Source: Kmart

And now feast your eyes on what you can do with the pie maker - which is only limited, it seems, by your imagination.

"Got my kmart pie maker yesterday so cooking up a storm today. Apple pies custard tarts and quiches." Source: Facebook

The group is a closed group - meaning you have to request to join. But if you're accepted, you'll either be inspired, or become very hungry, or both. The recipes are well-organised in a catalogue to make for easy reference for members.

From apple pies, to quiches, to muffins, there's a recipe for pretty much everything.

"First time using this beauty, I will never stop - so easy." Source: Facebook

One group member listed numerous items she made in one day: "Bacon cheese onion egg, tomato cheese onion egg, mince mashed spud gravy onion, and chocolate chips [pies].

"Sorry for the sloppy presentation but I was in a rush to taste them. So glad I got one of these."

"Who needs garlic bread when you can have cheesy garlic scrolls in no time?" Source: Facebook

Another group member posted a photo of some very successful baking done in the pie maker.

"Did Lemon Meringues in Kmart Pie Maker. If I do say myself I was rather [chuffed] the way they turned out.

"Bought the blow torch to brown the top. Have learnt so much from this fabulous group. [I'm] definitely getting more adventurous."

Lemon meringue pies. Source: Facebook

Another member shared a photo of a full cooked breakfast that she'd prepared in one batch.

A full traditional breakfast. Source: Facebook.

But our favourite recipe is the vanilla slice pie, because you just can't get more Aussie than a pie + vanilla slice + an easy peasy hack.

Behold: vanilla slice pies. Source: Facebook.

The Kmart pie maker is available online or in store in shops across Australia.

Happy pie making!