"I found the perfect sexy swimsuit that's actually practical for summer. And it's $29."

When you think of rashies you probably think of that painfully ugly thing your parents forced you to wear as a kid.

Well, you’re not wrong. I was one of those kids too.

Exhibit a)

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What was once a sartorial punishment from our sun-savvy parents has now had a modern-day reincarnation as one of the coolest things to be seen wearing at the beach. 

Don’t you think that person wearing a rashie always looks awesome? You know they’re ready for some serious beach action. Waves that would usually end in a nip-slip? She’s covered. Paddleboarding, bodyboarding, surfing? She’s ready for it all.

Quick side note: Here's how to get a beach body. Post continues below.

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That’s why so many brands have now jumped on the bandwagon and created rashie swimsuits that are actually chic. No sad, saggy rashies of the 90s here! 

I’ve recently been on the lookout for a good wetsuit that will keep me in the water for hours this summer. After trying a few, I realised what I wanted wasn’t actually a full-blown wetsuit, but something more versatile.

That’s why rashie swimsuits are great - because they’re the best of both worlds. You get a long sleeve on the top for warmth but the normal swimsuit bottoms that allow you the flexibility to swim.


I started researching and came across some gorgeous ones, like this one from Une Piece

Image: Une Piece.

It's stunning. But there’s a catch - it’s $200. 

While I believe in the power of a good wardrobe investment, this wasn’t something I was willing to splash my cash on, so I started looking for something more affordable. And I found one at Kmart.

Introducing the Active Women's Neoprene Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit

Image: Kmart.


Just look at it. So structured. So form-fitting. So luxe.

I wear a size 10 and when I tried it on, it fit like a glove and hugged in all the right places. It felt like a second skin. It was so, so comfortable.

Some of the reviews I’ve read said the sizing runs small, so if you find that’s the case then just go up a size! They stock sizes 6-18, which unfortunately isn't the most inclusive. If you’re after affordable, size-inclusive swimwear, check out this article.

The zip down the front is really flattering, and very versatile depending on what you want to do. If you're swimming or doing active sports, zip it right up. If you’re after something a bit more sexy, zip it down to your desired spot. But for obvious reasons, I don’t recommend swimming with it down… maybe just rock this one poolside. 

Similar to the squat test for leggings, I did the very official ‘arms-waving-around-in-circles’ test and was glad to see I had full range of motion. 

It literally ticked every box for me: stylish, functional and affordable.

I bought it just in time for the amazing weather we’ve had in Sydney and headed straight to the beach to test it out. 

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I'm also tempted to wear it as a normal top. Paired with a denim skirt and some sandals you could turn it into a super cute daytime outfit or dress it up with a leather skirt and some strappy sandals and you have a killer beachside-bar look. 

So there it is, the sun-safe and sexy rashie swimsuit I’ll be wearing all summer.

Will you be wearing the rashie trend this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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