PSA: The $30 Kmart lounge set of your dreams is back in stock. But not for long.

Whilst we all remain homebodies for the foreseeable future, comfort is a non-negotiable.

We’re stripping back the makeup to let our skin breathe, avoiding any form of footwear that isn’t sneakers or slippers, and most importantly, turning to clothes that feel exactly like pyjamas, if not better.

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That’s where the $30 Kmart lounge set of our dreams comes in.

The two-piece, off-white set includes a textured drop-shoulder top and flared pants. It originally went live on the Kmart website a few weeks back, and then went viral when a few key influencers were quick to jump on the budget find and post some seriously convincing pics in it. Sadly, it sold out immediately.

Well good news: it’s back.

This time, the set features cuffed ankles on the pants rather than the previous flowy wide-leg hem. And the pieces still retail for $15 each or $30 for the set.


Kmart Long Sleeve Textured Sweatshirt, $15.

Image: Kmart.

Kmart Textured Cuffed Pants, $15.

Image: Kmart.

Absolute bargain.

So, before it's gone (again) we say treat yourself today.

And, if you're looking for similar comfy sets, check out our 3 favourites under $50 below.

Uniqlo Soft Knitted Jersey Long Sleeve Set, $49.90.

Image: Uniqlo.

Uniqlo Soft Knitted Jersey Long Sleeve Set with Tapered Bottoms, $49.90. 

Image: Uniqlo.

Boohoo Short Sleeve Side Stripe Lounge Set, $42.

Image: Boohoo.

Which set is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Feature image: Instagram/ @paigekennedy @kmartaus.