THE FIND: 15 things we want to buy at Kmart right now.


(This is not a sponsored post, we repeat: this is not a sponsored post.)

It happened late on Saturday afternoon, it was one of those disastrous family trips to the shops that ends in tears, tantrums and more money spent than was budgeted for JUST SO WE CAN ALL GET OUT OF THE SHOPPING CENTRE ALIVE.

We were in Kmart, my toddler was mid-tantrum on the shop floor, my husband had bailed to find socks, and on my way to disown collect my unruly child, I did a double take. Wait, was that…it couldn’t be…were those kitchen stools really only $29? I’ve seen them in designer stores for much more than that. I squeezed in a quick road-test on the stool, and made a mental note to come back to buy two for the place we’re currently renting.

I haven’t been able to get to back to the shops without my toddler in tow, but then the Kmart catalogue arrived on my desk and in the mail. I haven’t been this excited about a furniture catalogue since I was 14, and dreaming up future interiors while pouring over the biannual Ikea shopping bibles. And I wasn’t alone, the shiny brochure got passed around from desk to desk in the Mamamia office with cries of, ‘I want that,’ ‘No, I want that.’ Behold, the 15 things we want to buy at Kmart right now. Just don’t get there before I get a chance to, okay?

1. Dipped Side Table $29.

2. Glass Milk Bottles – Pack of 6 $6.

3. Round wall shelf $29.

4. Knitted Ottoman – Natural $29.

5. Metal Chair – White $35.

6. Glass Drinking Jar with Straw $2.

7.  3-Piece Round Canister Set – Teal $10.

8. Glass Drink Dispenser with Stand – 8 Litre $19.

9. Set of 3 Classic Mirrors $12.

10. Dipped Bedside Table $35.

11. Ceramic Pineapple Jar $9.

12. Parrot Photo Cushion $10.

13. Wire Storage Basket – Aqua $9.

14. Metal Bar Stool – White $29.

15. Lounger Bean Bag – Chevron Design $35.

What’s your find this week?