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CULT BUY: The $7 Kmart Santa costume for your dog that'll make you cry from the cuteness.

Look, let’s cut straight to the chase. Christmas is coming and we’re all busy.

If you’ve been stressing about what your dog will be wearing on December 25th, you can tick that off your list and focus on the prawns because we have the answer.

It’s this:

THIS. Image: Kmart.

Yes, really.

Basically, you can now buy this adorable, tiny Christmas costume for your tiny dog, and you really have no choice but to run out and nab one immediately.

The mini Santa suit comes with everything a mini dog Santa needs to be, well, Santa.

It's red, white and fluffy, and has a belt with gold detailing. There's also a hat. To transform your doggo into Father Christmas, all you have to do is gently place their front legs into the legs of the Santa pants, and voila!

And yes, technically cats can wear it too. But, details.

The Kmart get-up will set you back $7, which is a ridiculously small price to pay for the years of joy this item will bring you and your family. It also comes in medium, large and extra large dog sizes, which will still be just as cute.

That's pretty much all you need to know, so here's a bunch of pictures of small dogs wearing their Kmart small Santa costumes.


You're welcome.


You can buy your Kmart small dog Christmas costume on the Kmart website.