CULT BUY: The $5 Kmart Santa baby costume... that was never intended for babies.

We’re calling it. Mums are without a doubt the most creative, nifty people on the planet.

Not only do they make shapes out of slices of bread and come up with plausible reasons why Elf on The Shelf hasn’t moved in three days.

But they also manage to make costumes out of household items that 100 per cent are not meant to be worn by children.

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Instead of spending God knows how much on overpriced, second-rate kids holiday outfits this Christmas, turns out all you need to dress your newborn up as a baby Santa is… a wine bottle holder?

No, that wasn’t a typo. Once upon a time, a very clever woman (this woman’s identity is unknown… but mums across the country owe her big time) went into her nearest Kmart store and found this $5 novelty Christmas bottle holder.

On the left, the bottle holder. On the right, how it's MEANT to be used. Image: Kmart/Supplied.

After presumably drinking the two bottles of wine said bottle holder held, the mum then clearly thought to herself, 'Gee that wine holder sure does look a lot like a pair of baby sized pants'.

Thus, the most popular Christmas costume for babies on Facebook was born.

Gallery: Check out some cute babies dressed in this Kmart hack in the gallery below. Go on, we dare you not to look.


According to the many mums who've tried it in the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group, this bottle holder will fit bubs aged up to around eight months or so, and sizes 000 - 00.

Then, all that's needed to finish off the ridiculously cute look is a teeny tiny Santa hat and a cheeky grin. Fake beard optional.

Have you tried this $5 Kmart Santa baby costume hack? Send us your pics, we'd love to see your bubs all dressed up!

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