A mum shared a photo of her impeccably organised pantry. Her rules are being called 'feral'.

As anyone who’s ever posted anything on the internet knows, it’s all fun and games until you read the comments section.

One Aussie mum discovered this the hard way recently when she cheerfully posted a proud pantry hack to a Kmart Facebook group, to demonstrate her perfectly organised pantry, thanks to some Kmart storage solutions.

But sadly for her, other members of the group focussed instead on a sign she had on the pantry wall, which was addressed to her family. The sign was called “pantry rules” and it listed two decrees.

The first was, “don’t ask where anything is” because everything is clearly organised and labelled for that exact purpose.

The second said: “I spent two days organising this pantry, if you mess it up, I will cut you.”

The original image of the pantry that the woman posted, and a close up of the sign. Image: Facebook

The poster was clearly a mum dedicated to improving the life of her kids, as she signed off "love mum" - so the reasonable interpretation of her words were that she was joking.

However, many who read "I will cut you" to be an "aggressive" and "outrageous" threat, and so reposted the sign in a 'hack roasting' group, where sh*t got real in the comments section.

“You’ll cut your loved ones…feral,” one person wrote.

“OMG, this woman needs to calm down,” added another.

One mum claimed, “I’d never put a sign up like for my children to read. I don’t get why people think it’s funny."

Another parent agreed, writing, “Love this but the sign is blegh.”

In the original post, many did compliment the mum on how good her pantry looked, and admired her efforts. Some also agreed that the important issue of not messing up the pantry required a firm hand.

“She doesn’t f**k around, good on her,” one person wrote.

The update the mum was forced to later write. Image: Facebook

Despite the support from many in the group, the mum later posted an update in response to the attention.

"Some people needs to chill out," she wrote. "No harm was intended in my pantry post.

To make her intention clear, she added, "Go get some sense of humour. It's free!"

Do you have rules for your pantry? Tell us about them in the comments section below.