Kiwi woman's big rant about small bras strikes a chord.

A Kiwi woman has busted out a well-rounded rant to Facebook after a shopping experience in Hawke’s Bay left her fuming with dissatisfaction.

Charde Heremaia had been shopping for bras in a double F when she discovered she was unable to find sexier items in her size.

“This is the closest thing I can find to what I fit.” Heremaia says, brandishing a plain white bra in a size F to the camera.

“And it is f**king ugly.”

The post titled ‘Bra companies this is for you’ follows Heremaia as she walks through the racks, commentating on the bras lack of suitable sizing.

Comedian Charde Heremaia. Source: Facebook.

"I am so offended ... they have to give big-tittle girls granny bras.

"Us young ones, we like to be a bit of a saucy minx every now and again. I've had it up to here."

The video was posted to Heremaia's Facebook page, Memoirs of a Maori, where she lists herself as a comedian.

In the three days its been posted, the video has clocked up over 607 thousand views. 19,000 reactions and almost 6000 shares.

Heremaia ended the video with some poetic parting words.

"Sort your shit out, bra companies. I'm really done with the black, cream and white bras, I want pretty bras that don't cost hundreds of dollars."

Heremaia told the NZ Herald she was shocked at how popular the video had become and that it was her most relatable video yet.

"People are actually really passionate about this." She said.

The video may have been taken in a local setting but its swift popularity is demonstrative of its global message:

Sexy comes in more than one size.

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