A hidden message in this Sydney home has caught people's attention.

A multi-million dollar home in Mosman has attracted substantial attention online, after people spotted an unusual sign in the kitchen.

The property has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool, a gym, ocean views, a LIFT (thank the Lord) and stunning terrace areas, and according to realestate.com.au, the median house price for similar properties in the area is $3.612,500.

Let’s take a quick look:

So pretty. Image via domain.com.au.
I could pee in there. Image via domain.com.au.
So much room for activities! Image via domain.com.au.
What a gorgeous living are... wait. What does that writing say? Image via domain.com.au.

But online, several people spotted an unusual sign just above the kitchen stove, facing the dining table and living area.

The sign catching people's attention. Image via domain.com.au.

'I don't have to be a good cook,' the sign reads. 'I'm a trophy wife.'

A number of social media users shared the listing and posted comments expressing mixed opinions about the sentiment of the sign. While many saw it as a harmless joke, one man wrote, "Looks fade, hunger does not, marry a good cook," to which we say, "ummm, mate, cook for yourself".

Another commented, "As a marketing tool, this is clearly an excellent idea. Will generate massive publicity," while one person pointed out that even if you had a problem with the sign, it's "nothing that a visit from a painter will not deal with in 30 mins".

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When Mamamia reached out for comment, the vendors simply said they were "just trying to have some fun".

Somehow we doubt expressions of interest in 28 Fairfax Road, Mosman will be at all affected by the sign. IT HAS A LIFT FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

Oh, and a pool, six bedrooms, etc etc.

You can check out the property here

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