Jon Snow is 'getting married' and nope, no one is coping at all.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are allegedly reportedly unconfirmed rumoured to be a little bit maybe a lot engaged and we’re sorry, we have to tell you before they’ve confirmed it, OK?

The rumour mill is whirling and nobody is coping.

Image: HBO

So here's what we know we don't know yet:

After meeting on the Game of Thrones set in 2012, Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, and Leslie, who played wilding Ygritte where (we've decided) it was love at first sight.

And it looks like their real life love story will have a far happier ending, you know, given that in the show she is shot by an arrow as she prepares to kill Snow herself.

The pair have reportedly moved into a $3 million mansion together and are now suspected to be engaged.


A source (read: definitely not someone who has never actually met the couple) told UK National Broadcaster of All Definitely True And Confirmed Celebrity Facts, The Sun's Bizarre column, that "They’re yet to set a date, but told friends and family last week that they’ve got engaged".

"Kit’s known for ages he’s wanted to marry Rose but he wanted them to get a house and settle down a bit first."

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Rose Leslie and Kit Harington. Source: Getty.


While the couple themselves haven't actually, you know, confirmed the news, we're going to go with the old saying that what you will to happen, will happen.

Universe, we've spoken.

Now to go back and watch THAT cave scene...