Forget everything you thought you knew about Kit Harington and Rose Leslie.

Actors love to reassure us that in real life, they’re very boring, very regular people. They’re just like us, really, once all of the designer clothing and multi-million dollar paychecks are stripped away.

Their on-screen personas are bigger and better and brasher and bolder than their very regular days of grocery shopping and school runs could ever be.

But for Games of Thrones stars and real-life couple Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, the opposite seems to be true.

kit harington real name
Rose Leslie and Kit Harington. Source: Getty.

In the fantasy world of their HBO hit, Harington plays Jon Snow, the bastard son of a nobleman, while Leslie played Ygritte, a rough-mouthed Wildling who wasn't impressed by money or social standing and took the liberty of pointing out that Jon knows nothing.


But in the day-to-day world, they both belong to aristocratic families. Leslie was raised in a Scottish castle and Harington is a descendant of King Charles II and 1st Viscount of Melville, as well as the son of a Baronet.

And as it turns out, his name isn't Kit, either. It's Christopher, but Kit is simply a family nickname that stuck.

Raised in London, Kit's mother Deborah Catesby is a former playwright who named her son after the great Christopher Marlowe, while his father, Sir David Harington is (according to the internet) a notable businessman.

If only Ned Stark could see him now, hey.

With a similarly if not more impressive lineage, Leslie also comes from noble blood. She was raised at Lickleyhead Castle near Aberdeen, the 15th-century ancestral seat of Clan Leslie, along with four for whom her father, Sebastian Arbuthnot-Leslie is the Chieftain.

Through her maternal line, Leslie is also a descendant of King Charles II, which, yes, technically makes her and her boyfriend related. But nowhere near as closely as Jon Snow and Daenerys, so we're still good.

What can we say? Game of Thrones is just really good at serving up what you least expect from its characters at every bloody turn.

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