Kiss Bang Love had one ingredient that almost every other reality show has ignored.

Having made its television debut on Tuesday night, Kiss Bang Love was met with mixed reviews.

Some loved the voyeuristic element of watching strangers pash in an over lit room. Others worried about the hygiene factor of locking lips with a dozen unknown people.

Many people lamented yet another reality show based around shaky (and unproved) scientific “evidence” being created.

Me? I was just delighted to see an accurate depiction of sex taking place on prime-time TV.

"Sex was here, 2016". Source: Channel 7

It was almost two thirds of the way into what felt like an epically long episode that the kisser of the night, Lisa, went on two overnight dates with her chosen men.

The first was with a 24-year-old tradie named Jaxon, who had spent the day letting Lisa win the sporting activities they were playing and pulled out a guitar at dinner.

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They shared a sunset picnic and seemed to really enjoy one another's company. By all accounts, it was what you'd surely deem a successful first date.

After what looked like at least 12 solid hours of laughing, getting to know one another and a few glasses of wine, Lisa and Jaxon returned to their hotel for the night. And despite Channel 7 booking two beds, Lisa later admitted that only one had been slept in.


Jaxon and Lisa sharing that cute morning after chat... with a camera crew. Source: Channel 7.

Then, what seemed like just moments later (thanks TV editing), Lisa was on her second date with Ryan her local plumber, who had been thrown into the kissing pick-n-mix by Lisa's best friend and sister.

The two made cocktails together, ate teppanyaki, and eventually made their way back to their hotel to overlook the Melbourne Star (on behalf of all of Melbourne Lisa, I'm truly sorry for you) and pick at an average looking cheese board.

The next morning the pair were seen cuddling in bed, Lisa telling the camera crew, "Ryan and I, we did share a bed," going on to explain that "It was more so I think because we'd been hanging out all day and it was just, I guess, a natural progression."

It's just two consenting adults having a good time. Nothing to see here. Source: Channel 7.

When contextually applied to any dating or relationship experience not being televised, Lisa's statement is so standard it's almost forgettable.

Not since high school have we put so much consideration into when and if we would have sex with someone we like. It just happens at some point.

And to see that depicted on television realistically was an all too often absent breath of fresh air.

Video via Kiss Bang Love

So why is sex so absent from these types of shows when it plays such a huge part in all of our adult lives?

Why do millions of people tune into shows like The Bachelor that are heavily constructed and offer an unrealistic depiction of modern dating?

Do we like the grandeur of it?

Are we pleased that contestants consent to wearing an invisible chastity belt while on the show?

Do we think that love found pre-sex is somehow more pure and sure to last?

Am I just a dirty pervert for thinking that sex needs to be more normalised on TV?

Sam Frost's admission that she and Sasha wasted no time at getting down to it as soon as they were permitted to makes me think I'm not.

Behold: the ritualistic post-sex debrief with friends. Source: Channel 7

Sex is not the only ingredient, but it is an important one. Lisa got it, and so did the producers of Kiss Bang Love. 

But if the show really does believe that a good first kiss is the chemical pathway to love, sex has  proven itself to be the cobblestone cottage sitting at the end of it that we all want to end up at.

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