Kiss Bang Love's Lisa and Ryan just revealed the status of their relationship.

Last night, the nation stood still.

Well, for around ten minutes. Until we realised it was literally just an hour of watching people kissing.

Last night we saw Channel 7’s new reality show, Kiss Bang Love premiere and we were, erm, slightly underwhelmed.

The premise is based around the scientifically unproven idea that people can fall in love through just a kiss.

Image via Channel 7.

Contestants are blindfolded and proceed to kiss 12 strangers, with selected friends and family members looking on. They then choose five they wish to kiss again, then two they want to take on a date, and finally, one they’re interested in going on holiday with.

The highlight of last night? Contestant, Adelaide native, Lisa Fewster, 28, choosing her local tradie, Ryan, 24, (who her sister and best friend had thrown in as a wild card) as the 'winner'.

Image via Channel 7.

"Lisa met Ryan when he went around to her house and did some plumbing and she gets really nervous around him, almost to the point where she can’t talk," Fewster's best friend Jasmine said.

You can listen to our verdict on Kiss Bang Love below. Post continues after podcast...

The episode ended with the pair heading off on a holiday and we all could sleep soundly knowing they had found their one true love...

And then they had to go and screw everything up.

Appearing on Sunrise this morning, the two said they had decided to stay 'just friends'. Because nothing says 'romance is dead' like pairing with your local tradie on national television like a freakin' movie and then deciding to stay 'just friends'. Puh-leease. You wouldn't be the first couple to stay together to make other people happy. Just think about it.

"I don't think - nothing necessarily happened. I guess it just didn't happen either. We get along really well, but…yeah," a terribly vague Fewster said.

Image via Channel 7.

"It was a good connection. We got along really well, but, yeah, I don't know just really. We just kept it as friends," Richardson added.

Say no more friends, we get it the sex was bad there was no connection. Completely understandable.

"I think the experience was really good," Fewster elaborated.

"I think it just opens my eyes a little more that sometimes you can have that physical connection with someone when there may not be that physical attraction."

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