How to become besties with the Kardashians, according to someone who's done it.

Ever wondered how to become besties with the Kardashians? Just ask Kirby Jenner.

He’s the newest member of the infamous celebrity clan that you’ve probably never seen. Until now.

He’s so close with the family that he even starred in the remake of their reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ opening credits to mark the 10th anniversary.

Uh oh… #Season14 #MyFirstSeason #kuwtk

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He could even have a starring role in Season 14 (Yes, it really has been going on that long.)

That said, the honour didn’t come easy. Or naturally. Or even, you know, socially acceptably.

In fact, unorthodox is probably the most accurate description.

Listen: How the Kardashians changed TV. Post continues after audio.

You see, Jenner (the newer, not the original) finally gained acceptance into the family by pretending to, err, be part of the family. Kendall Jenner’s fraternal twin brother, to be exact.

How did he prove this? By photoshopping himself into all her photos and sharing them on his own Instagram account.

We’re not going to lie, the results are pretty impressive.




The captions are even better.

“Here we are chilling at Kendall’s piano recital. She freakin NAILED her cover of the Ghostbusters theme song. So proud of the fam!!”

It only took him 690,000 followers and two and a bit years (he first posted in July 2015) to infiltrate the inner circle.

The hilarious team presumed to be behind Kirby’s creation have even done interviews with the likes of Teen Vogue and Love Magazine.

It’s proof that not only does dedication and perseverance pay off, but also that the Kardashian’s clearly have a good sense of humour.

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