Kimberley Duthie was embroiled in a series of AFL sex scandals. The NDAs have finally expired.

In late 2010, a number of nude photographs of St Kilda AFL club players went viral on the internet. 

They were uploaded by a 17-year-old girl, who quickly became referred to by media publications as the 'St Kilda schoolgirl.'

That girl, now woman, was Kimberley Duthie and at the time she told The Age she was posting the photographs out of revenge. She said she hated the St Kilda Football Club and the AFL ''because they treated me with disrespect''.

"I just want to let them know what it feels like to have your reputation absolutely ruined," she said.

Watch: Kimberley's interview with 60 Minutes in 2011. Post continues after video.

Video via 60 Minutes.

In May that year, she said she'd slept with two players from the club and she had fallen pregnant to St Kilda player Sam Gilbert. A police investigation was subsequently launched after her school principal alerted authorities. It looked into whether a number of the club's footballers had abused their position during a school community camp visit but it was discovered that the then-16-year-old Kimberley had met the men at a nightclub, not at her school, where she'd told them she was 19. Police eventually ruled that "no unlawful activity had occurred," saving the AFL from potentially criminal conduct. 

After her pregnancy was made public, Kimberley said Gilbert and the AFL cut ties with her completely, leaving her feeling "hurt" and "isolated" according to an interview with 60 Minutes. She later told media outlets her baby was stillborn on October 5.

Two months later she started posting lewd photos online prompting the AFL to publicly refer to her as a "very young girl who has obviously got some issues and needs professional help," as reported at the time by The Age. They said she'd stolen the photographs from Gilbert's laptop.

Sam Gilbert pictured in 2010. Image: Scott Barbour/Getty. 

She claimed to have 21 more photographs of AFL players from clubs across the country in similarly explicit poses, and planned to trickle them out on the internet in the coming days and weeks.


But that never happened. St Kilda won a Federal Court order forcing the teenager to remove the photographs from her Facebook profile.

Kimberley herself admitted to the Herald after going on the posting spree that she had ''handled the situation immaturely." But as she told 60 Minutes, she just wanted an apology for being left "stranded" by the club.

In 2011 she came clean. She'd never been pregnant at all.

"I honestly don't know why I said it. What can I say, I was 16. A stupid, immature little teenager. Attention is half the reason as well I guess... just all these different reasons," she told 60 Minutes. "It was one of the biggest mistakes of my life."

Kimberley uploaded 'pregnant' photos to social media, before later admitting to faking the entire pregnancy. Image: 60 Minutes. 

The next 'scandal' for the AFL came when it was revealed in late 2011 that Kimberley was having a sexual relationship with AFL player agent Ricky Nixon, who was in his late 40s at the time. 


She told 60 Minutes she liked the "fun of sneaking around" and the fact it was such a scandal. 

Nixon admitted to having "inappropriate dealings" with the teenager, but denied any other allegation. She claimed he threatened her and accused her of ruining his life and business when their relationship was made public. 

Nixon was stripped of his accreditation by the AFL and his reputation was left ruined after he was pictured in the teen’s room in just his underpants.

Kimberley shared text messages, emails and photos from her time with Nixon with 60 Minutes in 2011. 

In 2015 Nixon released a memoir titled Ricky Nixon — My Way, which Kimberley tried to stop from being published. 

Her lawyer told a court Nixon had presented her as a "temptress, wicked woman and seductress" while refusing to accept any responsibility for the affair.

He said Nixon had "taken advantage of Ms Duthie's youth and inexperience and exploited her infatuation with a couple of St Kilda footballers whom he had been managing at the time," reported The Age.

Ten years on, the now 27-year-old mum-of-one is preparing to thrust herself back into the spotlight with her own tell-all book detailing her own "truth". Her truth about the leaked photos, the AFL players and her time with Nixon. 


"I wanted to be able to share what I couldn’t say 10 years ago during many TV interviews," she said in an update on social media.

"NDA contracts have finally expired now it’s 2021 and it’s my chance to finally close a chapter.

"To be able to use my own words and describe what happened to me, I was a child and victim in many scenarios, though be mindful there is a lot of graphic content warnings and plenty of things I’m not proud of, though I want to be completely transparent and for it to be the truth.

"This is my story … So I can finally recover and gain closure." 

Kimberley is hoping by telling her side of the story she can finally heal and recover from all the "trauma and PTSD" she was put through as a child and a teenager. 

"It is not to create any more controversy or to be thrown into the spotlight for the wrong reason again," she added.

"I am just doing this as the last step of my journey so that I can move forward. I am a full-time mother and businesswoman. I don’t need to be thrown into the spotlight but people need to be accountable for what happened to me and what I was put through."

Based in Queensland, the mother of a three-year-old son and owner of eyelash salon Lash Palace told her 69,000 followers in 2020 that she was living with aggressive cervical cancer.

A GoFundMe account set up by her parents last year read: "Our beloved bubbly girl Kimberley has been silently fighting a battle with cervical cancer.


"We have recently learned in the last weeks that her treatments and medications have not been successful in slowing down the growth of her cancer and it has now been upgraded to stage four and has spread to her kidneys and rectum as well."

The page, which is no longer live, said Kimberley was preparing to undergo intensive chemotherapy to try to stop the cancer's spread. 

During an Instagram Q&A after teasing her upcoming book which is due to be released towards the end of 2021, Kimberley answered some more curious questions about her life including who she was married too. 

She told her followers she has “always liked older men”. Her husband — who she met at a strip club he owns — is 27-and-a-half years older than her and doesn't feature on her page.


She shared that the pair briefly separated but are still together, but saw eachother last week for the first time in months due to border restrictions.

When asked whether her life now is what she wanted when she was younger Kimberley said she'd been to "hell and back" but was proud of her "strength and resilience".

"I wish I hadn’t come through all of the horrible things I have, but I’m also grateful for what they’ve taught me," she shared.

"It’s taken me 10 years to rebuild a new life and I believe my business and success comes down to the hardships I was put through.

"Once you read the book you’ll see everything I went through and to come back from that is one of the hugest feats that anybody could achieve. Rock bottom is not even comparable to where I once was in life."

Feature image: 60 Minutes/ Instagram @miss_valetti

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