Kim Kardashian is in the bad books with her mum.



We’ve all been there in one way or another but now it seems that Kim Kardashian finds herself in the bad books with her mum, Kris Jenner, after giving her some fashion feedback.

“Mum, what are you wearing?”

Kris posted a photo to her Instagram account of an email she received from her darling daughter. The caption read:

After spending an amazing morning at The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment breakfast, and while I was in my car and hadn’t even gotten home yet, my LOVELY daughter @kimkardashian sent me this delightful email after she apparently saw my picture online…so I wanted to share with you her special holiday cheer. #ithoughtilookedfab #cantdoanythingrightlol

The outfit in question was a monochrome Alexander McQueen dress that Kris has worn on multiple occasions, according to Daily Mail.

Too Adams Family? Too, omish…sorry…Amish?

We think Kim may have been a little harsh on her mother dearest, especially with her blunt tone and assessment that “you have exhausted this look”.

And it’s not difficult to see that “chic” and “tight” is in for Kimmy, with her wardrobe consisting entirely of skin-tight dresses and skirts like this one…

But, with six daughters each as sassy as the next, we bet that mumma Kris will have no trouble bouncing back from this one. After all, the apple doesn’t always fall far, does it?

Flick through to see some more of Kim’s wardrobe…