Kim Kardashian's book cover surprises us in two very BIG ways.

Out of the MILLIONS of selfies Kim Kardashian has ever taken, the cover of her new book has surprised us.

And just when we thought Kim Kardashian could never shock us again.

In case you haven’t heard, someone has allowed Kim Kardashian to release a book. And it’s quite literally a compilation of her all-time favourite selfies. Yep. Scintillating.

The coffee table book will be jam packed with the likes of this:

This is not the cover. Unfortunately.

The novel memoir printed version of her selfies, appropriately titled Selfish hits stores in May. But Kim has just released the highly-anticipated (sort of?) cover selfie. Oh how did she choose?!

“Kim Kardashian and I have something in common: We both just lost a sh*t-load of Instagram followers.”

It features boobs. Lots of sweaty, oily, contouring boobs.

Take a look…

Kim Kardashian thinks God made her fat during her pregnancy.

After seeing this, we have some questions.

Was this taken in a sauna?

If so, why is she wearing a full face of make up?

Also, is that a towel she’s wearing around her waist?

Oh Kim, you really do know how to get the internet chattering.

“Can I live?!” Kimmy K tweeted at the time of the cropping controversy.

If you want to buy her book, it’ll be $20 for a glossy collection of selfies. Or you could save your money and follow her on Instagram.