Kim Kardashian is Snapchatting every A-lister at the VMAs, and it's glorious.

Content note: Light-hearted Kardashian news ahead. If you’re looking for the serious stuff, proceed with caution or click here.

If you don’t follow Kim Kardashian on SnapChat already, today is the day to start.

Why? Because the 35-year-old is snapchatting up a storm at the MTV Video Music Awards and it’s nothing short of glorious.

Sure, she might’ve been disappointed that hubby Kanye went home award-less, but that didn’t keep her away from ye olde social media.

From Olympians to pop musicians, she’s taking selfies with absolutely everybody (in the whole wide worrrrrrld).

It all started out with “Into You” singer and Disney alum Ariana Grande… with a giraffe filter to boot.

Mmmmm filterlicious. (Image: SnapChat/Kim Kardashian)

And then we had Me & U singer, Cassie, alongside nonother than P-Diddy.

Confession: I may or may not have had to ask around the office as to who Cassie was. In my defence, she IS wearing a fluorescent neon yellow wig. (Image: SnapChat/Kim Kardashian)

AND THEN we got a lil' bit of Hailey Baldwin (the supermodel daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and possibly, maybe, kinda the BFF of Justin Bieber).

How very, err, pouty. (Image: SnapChat/Kim Kardashian)

That's when Mrs Kardashian West decided to diversify a teensy bit, by taking a selfie with the US women's gymnastics team, for example.

Athletes! Very successful athletes! (Image: SnapChat/Kim Kardashian)

But Kim wasn't happy with just that - she wanted a happy snap with the woman who has a gymnastic move NAMED AFTER HERSELF (and is also a five-time Olympic gold medallist) - Simone Biles. (!!!!!!!!!!!)

LEGIT SELFIE GOALZ. (Image: SnapChat/Kim Kardashian)

Just quietly, I think that may or may not be the best selfie I've seen Kim Kardashian give the world... ever.

Needless to say the 'gold medal' theme didn't stop there.


Yep, two power couples united when Kim and Kanye spotted the all-time greatest Olympian Michael Phelps with his fiancee and mother of little Boomer, Nicole Johnson.

What a way to wrap things up, right?

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