The internet just mercilessly roasted Kim Kardashian over her reaction to Bird Box.

If you’ve been online in the last week, you’ll probably know that most of the world is obsessing over Netflix’s new thriller Bird Box.

Since its release just before Christmas, the terrifying new film has sparked the creation of hundreds of hilarious memes.

And that’s not all – Sandra Bullock’s latest film even broke a major record, becoming Netflix’s most popular original release.

According to the streaming giant, more than 45 million subscribers watched the gripping saga in its first seven days, meaning around a third of Netflix’s subscribers have already watched it.

With the film being so popular online, fans were understandably a little confused when they saw Kim Kardashian’s reaction to the new release.

“Watching Bird Box. I really like it. Who has seen it?” the reality star wrote on Twitter.

Erm, Kim, you’re just a bit late to the party.

After sharing the tweet, followers were quick to mercilessly roast her blasé reaction.




Even Chrissy Teigen got in on the light-hearted trolling.

“Kimberly like everyone in the entire world,” she joked.

If you’re a bit late to the party like Kim K, Bird Box follows Malorie (played by Sandra Bullock) and her two children as they struggle to survive in a world that has been overcome by a devastating wave of mass suicides.

Stalked by “the creatures”, which have the ability to drive humans to take their own lives, Malorie discovers that the remaining survivors must keep their eyes closed at all times and blacken out all windows to avoid succumbing to the power of the monsters.

Bird Box is currently available to watch on Netflix Australia.

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