Kim Kardashian's latest photo of her 18-month-old son might be breaking the law.

Excuse us, but Queen of Snapchat and Instagram Kim Kardashian may be in trouble with the law.

We think… maybe.

You see, the 36-year-old uploaded a Facebook image of her 18-month-old son, Saint, in the car over the weekend, and it’s caused quite the tizzy.

Here’s the photograph in question:

Once you stop cooing over how freakin’ cute the youngest member of the Kardashian West clan is, something else becomes apparent: Saint is in a front-facing seat.

Presuming the photograph was taken in Kardashian’s hometown of Los Angeles, California, the businesswoman and mum-of-two is actually breaking a new piece of the state’s road safety legislation. That is, that children under the age of two must always travel in a rear-facing seat.

But wait – there’s a catch.

The law, which came into action on the 1st of January this year, states all children under two must travel in a rear-facing seat UNTIL they weigh “at least 40 pounds or is at least 40 inches tall”, in that case they may travel in a front-facing seat.

(Stay with us here…)

In Aussie terms, Kim is off the hook if little Saint either weighs more than 18 kilograms, or has a height over 101 centimetres.

But considering the average height and weight for toddlers Saint’s age is far, far below that – we’re not sure the exemption would apply.

Which basically makes Kim Kardashian a hard criminal, friends.

Or, you know, just someone who has a loose interpretation of what constitutes 101 centimetres…