Kim Kardashian has finally returned to social media but for one reason only.

Since being robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room on October 3, Kim Kardashian has kept an uncharacteristically low profile.

While some of her family members have returned to social media, Kardashian has remained silent. But on Wednesday, she finally returned to Twitter, for one reason only.

To unfollow 13 people.

The move suggests that the 35-year-old mum of two will be taking a different approach in future to how she interacts online. She will no longer see tweets from the 13 people she unfollowed.

Kim Kardashian's Twitter profile. Image via Twitter.

She also appears to have less followers, suggesting perhaps she has blocked some of her audience from following her on the platform.

The reality TV star hasn't posted anything on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter since she was robbed of $11 million worth of jewellery, and E! News alleges that she's receiving counselling to deal with the trauma.

Her most recent tweet was posted on October 2, the day before the attack, where she shared a video of herself with the caption: 'Hey guys! Meet my #KimKardashianGame character at the So Chic Boutique in Downtown LA for a surprise ;)'

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She has withdrawn from an appearance at the Las Vegas nightclub Hakkasan on October 28, and it's assumed she'll do something low key for her October 21 birthday.

E! News have said she is constantly surrounded by security in her Los Angeles home.

Her social media engagement comes after more is being discovered about the men who robbed her. It's believed five armed men, wearing ski masks, who were described as French and middle aged, entered her room at approximately 3am.

Police are hoping DNA traces left in the apartment can be tested and lead to the arrest of Kardashian's attackers.