The response to Kim Kardashian being bound, gagged and robbed is nothing short of disgusting.

I’ll admit it. I’ve made more than a few jokes at Kim Kardashian West’s expense over the years – she’s a shamefully easy target.

But not today. There’s nothing even remotely funny about being bound, gagged and shoved into the bathroom of a Paris hotel by gun-wielding intruders.

Yet this morning we’ve awoken to yet more examples of the cruelty of self-important social media trolls. People so intent on luring laughs, ‘likes’ and re-tweets that they don’t even take a second to consider the fact that a woman, a young mother, had a gun pointed at her head.

According to these tweets, the 35-year-old mother of two is not deserving of our sympathy. In fact, (despite the fact she and her family haven’t said a word about the ordeal) she’s probably grateful for the headlines.

Come to think of it, they argue, maybe she even staged the whole thing…

Inevitably, other celebs have been dragged into the whole snarky mess, too. Namely Taylor Swift, who has had a public feud with Kadashian West's husband, Kanye, over lyrics in his song 'Famous'.

You know the one: "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous."

Apparently that means the pop superstar would welcome news of his wife being terrorised.

There are even those who are crying 'poor little rich girl', and refusing to sympathise with someone who had $14 million worth of jewellery to steal.

But beyond being the likely motivation for the crime, the value of what was stolen from Kardashian is hardly the central to her experience.

Somehow we doubt she was fearing for her diamonds as she had her wrists wrapped in packing tape by an armed, masked stranger.

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Of course, these are far from the cruellest comments being made about about the Keeping Up with The Kardashians star. But those are simply too ugly and sexist to warrant republishing here.

Instead, we'd like to remind the trolls that being rich and famous doesn't mean you don't fear for your life, nor does it mean you can't be a victim.

So enough with your so-called jokes. Nobody's laughing.