Kim Kardashian responds to Bette Midler's burn. Shares another nude.

Kim Kardashian is a woman who wears many hats. Reality TV star, video game entrepreneur, curator of selfies and official Internet breaker.

Kim shared a nude photo on Twitter last night, presumably because she was bored, or forgot her clothes, or was just being Kim. The Internet responded as you would expect, with many telling Kim to go to the shop and buy some clothes.

But Kim wasn’t going to take the criticism lying down, and has taken a leaf out of her husband Kanye West’s new book How To Throw Shade On Twitter* by responding to the haters.


After Bette Midler’s glorious take down earlier in the day, Kardashian West took it upon herself to ask the star to send nudes.

After controversial media personality Piers Morgan offered to buy Kim some clothes, Kim responded by comparing the offer to some “Ashley Madison type shit”.

Kim’s also put her following to good use in the aftermath of the nude photo controversy, showing her charitable side by welcoming unknown film star Chloe Moretz to the social media platform.

Just leave Kim alone, you guys. She’s liberated.

*Note: This is not a real book. 

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