Celeb in 5: Monday’s best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Kim Kardashian says her baby girl’s name Chicago “messes” with her… kinda wishes she called her “Jo”.

Appearing on The Ellen Show this week, Kim Kardashian said her chosen name for third child, Chicago West, is ever so slightly “messing” with her.

Specifically because she really wanted her daughter’s name to be only one syllable – like North and Saint, and obviously Chicago does not match that criteria.

Those second syllables can be SNEAKY, no?

“Yeah, it kind of messes with me, I’m not gonna lie. I really like the one syllable thing,” Kim responded when Ellen probed her about her very particular (and now broken) naming rule.

Party of 5

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The 37-year-old also shared that her other options were going to be Grace, or Jo – after her grandma Mary Jo, but eventually went with Chicago as a tribute to Kanye’s home town.

“We were gonna name her Jo because my grandma Mary Jo or we were gonna go with Grace and then it was Chicago,” said the beauty entrepreneur.

“I don’t even know… obviously because he’s from Chicago but that is a place that made him.”

Onwards, please.

2. Why Bachelor In Paradise’s Keira Maguire will never be getting lip filler again.

So, Keira has discovered she looked like a ‘duck’ on Bachelor In Paradise and she would very much like not to get lip fillers again pls.

The 33-year-old told Woman’s Day she got new lip fillers just before she went to paradise and was “devastated” about how she looked on TV.


Apparently she asked for half a millimetre of filler and an error meant she ended with up two millimetres.

Sunday’s in @prettylittlething #prettylittlething

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“I was devastated. Not only couldn’t I move my face when I was on the show, it actually made me have a permanent pout,” she told the publication.

Since leaving the show Keira has had her lip fillers dissolved and she’s much happier with the result.

And so is her very sunburnt bachie boyfriend Jarrod Woodgate.

“He loves my lips! He says he can actually kiss me properly! He’s like, ‘Don’t ever do it again!'”

Catch up on the latest episode of Bach Chat in Paradise below. Post continues after audio.

3. Chris Hemsworth is one very, very, VERY happy little clam today.

So, it turns out Chris Hemsworth is having an excellent day.

His latest flick, Avengers: Infinity War, just scored the biggest box office opening ever.


Hemsworth posted a screenshot of an L.A Times story on Instagram, captioning it: “Not bad watching the internet flood with headlines like this one.”

Mr Hemsworth, if you’re reading, can you… lend us a $10 note?

You can watch the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War right here:

Video by Marvel Studios

4. “Just me… at 43”: Drew Barrymore has posted an unfiltered headshot and good lord it’s refreshing.

As celebrities are sharing photos of their first headshots on Instagram, actress Drew Barrymore, 43, is giving a bit of a twist on the trend.

In the sea of fresh faces and even fresher perms, Barrymore has catalogued her face throughout the years – starting from her child star days to now, weird 90s fringe phase included.

However, what’s even better is the fact that she’s staunchly celebrating her age, hashtagging her current-day photo with #lifeisgood, #justme and #43.

The actress has always been vocal about appreciating the joys of getting older and previously told Ellen that it was only at 40 that she finally felt her age.


“Now it is the first time in my life when my age has met up with where my life is. It’s perfect, I love being 40,” she said.

“I always felt not my age and now I feel my age and I love it. It feels comfortable.”

See the time lapse here:

#oldheadshotday I’m joining in on the fun.

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#oldheadshot and a hybrid shot of me and my two daughters right now!

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Ok I can’t resist PART 1 of growing up

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Part 2 same girl 15 years later same color hair. Same chick.

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Part 3 #currentdayheadshot as in today #lifeisgood #justme #43

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5. Commentary on Meghan Markle’s body before her wedding proves that women just can’t win.

Image: Getty,.

“Meghan in bridal bootcamp!”

“Markle needs dress repeatedly altered!”

“Star’s dramatic wedding weight loss!”

Ugh. Please. Stop. Talking.

There is no need to share any before and after photos, because whether Meghan Markle has lost weight, or not, is irrelevant. Because what a woman chooses to do with her body is simply no-one else’s business.


In 2018, aren’t we supposed to be a tad more evolved than this? Haven’t we learned by now that commentary on a woman’s body is off-limits?

Read the full story on the ridiculous pressure on Meghan Markle's body here.