Kim Kardashian shouldn't have to defend her bump.

I never thought I would say this, but… leave Kim Kardashian alone.

Even though I’m a huge Kardashian fan (yes, my guilty pleasure is watching re-runs of Keeping Up With The Kardashians), I don’t really feel sorry for Kim or any of the other Kardashian/Jenner/Wests and the attention they get from the paps, public, everyone. It’s how they make their moolah. They use the attention and turn it into profit.

Most weeks of the year, Kim takes to social media to defend herself. But this weekend, what Kim said on Twitter has my pregnancy hormones raging (and if you’ve never been around a pissed off pregnant woman, let me tell you, Run).

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I’m not pissed at Kim.

I’m pissed at everyone else. The paps. The tabloids. The judgers.

"I'm on your side Kim." Image via Instagram.

In June this year, Kim announced she's pregnant (or it was kind of leaked by her bestie, but maybe not, but definitely announced by E! in the trailer for the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians). She then took to Instagram a couple of weeks later to announce that she's expecting a boy.

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But this is all fake. She's not pregnant. She's just looking for attention. More attention. I mean... have you seen her HUGE bump? Nope. So, she can't be pregnant.

That's what the paps and tabloids have been saying.

Kim Kardashian at 4 months pregnant (but apparently not pregnant, because pregnant women don't look this good). Image via Instagram.
Image via Twitter.

You see, they believe that at 3 months pregnant, your uterus should be the size of two watermelons, otherwise, you're faking it.

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to let everyone know exactly how much she's gained and how far along she is.

Image via Twitter.

She shouldn't have had to do that.

Besides the obvious point that it's her body, her pregnancy and her bump, the other point is one anyone who has ever been pregnant knows all too well.


You're bump is never big enough.


You're bump is always too small.

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Check out Kim Kardashian's Instagram photos that she's shared in the last month which show her "bump". Post continues after the gallery.

A month ago, I wrote a post about struggling with "slowing down" and not being able to do everything I wanted as my pregnancy hit the 24-week mark (you can read about it here).

Within the post, I put a bump pic photo.

Some not-so-lovely commenters took it upon themselves to judge the size of my belly and inform me that I was "too small".

This was the photo that people decided to judge. Image supplied.

Ever since I peed on the stick that said I am pregnant, I've examined and judged my belly on a daily basis.

Is it too small? Am I eating enough? Am I depriving my baby of nutrition? Is that why she isn't growing? Am I a terrible mother?

Oh no, it's too big. My belly is definitely too big. I'm eating too much. I'm making her unhealthy. I'm probably giving her cancer and shortening her life. Am I a terrible mother?

As you can see, I need no help in stressing about the size of my bump.

While I don't know Kim personally, I suspect she doesn't need any help either. Probably more so because her pay cheque is often determined by her weight with her celeb status.

So dear paps and tabloids, bugger off. Sure, talk about Kim's pregnancy - she wants you too. But don't say she's faking it because her bump is "too small". No pregnant woman deserves to be criticised about her body or bump. It's a hard enough time without judgers.

Has your bump ever been judged?

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