Kim Kardashian. How very could you?

Do you read the tabloids?

If you don’t you might have missed the fact that Kim Kardashian is exhibiting dangerous pregnant woman behaviour.

In fact – she is so very irresponsible she’s putting the life of her unborn son in danger.

This DPWB (dangerous pregnant woman behaviour) has manifested itself in a most concerning way. The soon to be mother-of-two has been spotted cruising around Hollywood with her hubby in their Rolls Royce (as you do) when a pack of very-concerned photographers noticed her footwear.

No, don’t be a cynic, they weren’t just after a photo to please the magazine editors. They were genuinely worried about whether she was in danger.

As soon as they saw the DPWB underway they rushed to shame her aid her. Of course on the way they managed to snap her DPWB because that’s what they get the bucks for.

This DPWB I am referring to was her footwear – UNSUITABLE footwear – for a lady in a delicate condition like she is. The reality TV star’s million dollar tootsies were squeezed into a pair of designer Perspex shoes – shoes threatening to give way at ANY MINUTE.

DPWB - be careful Kim.

With the magic of photography the cameras captured just the right angle so it seemed Kim Kardashian's bump (and the rest of her) was in grave danger of toppling to the ground right before their very eyes (and lenses).

You can just see the paparazzi vultures praying the heel would snap and the reality star would go crashing to the ground can't you? They could see the dollar signs in their eyes.

Instead all they got was a slight angle, an possible buckle and wham there you have it.


Within hours this display of DPWB was plastered everywhere.

"Kim Kardashian Breaks 4-Inch Heels: Can’t Support Her Baby Bump?" was a headline.

Another: "Kim Kardashian's heels buckles under the strain"

Worried journalists wrote:" “The heel of the perspex sandal buckled under a heavily pregnant Kim Kardashian, as the reality star trudged her way around Los Angeles on Monday. The mother-to-be was undeniably well dressed in her designer gear but it was hardly a comfortable look.”

Others feigned concern for her safety: “The reason we want Kim to relax isn’t because we think her shoes can’t support her anymore, (that’s absurd!), it’s for her safety. We would hate to see the pregnant star fall” crowed one we-are-really-nice tabloid.

Now let’s be brutally honest here you don’t have to read between the lines to see they are trying to insinuate is that Kim Kardashian has a bigger-than-other-stars bump.

With the bait set in place out came the social media vultures.


“Has she ever heard of MATERNITY WEAR and TRAINERS?”

“Dangerous woman she’s going to hurt her baby.”

“Stupid vain woman could easily fall and hurt her baby.”

And on and on.

Oh Kim how could you?

If truth be told, for me,  just looking at these photos of Kim Kardashian at eight months pregnant makes me want to lie prone on my back in a pair of trackies with a large supportive maternity bra and my decade old ugg boots.

But I’m not Kim Kardashian.

I don’t base my life out of the way I look. I don’t sustain my children’s future through my image. I don’t drive around in a Rolls with a fleet of photographers crossing their fingers that I will fall flat on my face. I don’t want to.

But she does. 

Love her or leave her what we as women should be doing is admiring Kim Kardashian for her pride in her pregnancy body.

And who are we, who are these tabloids, who are these vultures on social media to shame her for her choice of footwear?

Yeah, yeah, yeah we've all heard the “It's dangerous to wear heels while you are pregnant” theory. But I am sure the myriad of advisers Mrs Kardashian West and her husband have at hand are well prepared to step in should she strain her ligaments from a pair of Perspex sandals.

If the pregnancy shamers are really accurate they should be aware that it isn’t just heels that are UNSUITABLE for pregnant women – even ugg boots make the no-no list.

Lorraine Jones, from The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists told The Telegraph that it isn't just heels but thongs, ballet pumps and ugg boots are all unsuitable for pregnant women. “Shoes like ballet pumps, flip flops [thongs] and ugg boots are also unsuitable for daily wear in pregnancy because they don't provide your feet with the necessary support.'' she said.

She did say if you had to wear UNSUITABLE footwear to minimise it.

What it boils down to is individual choice. If you had to list all the very, very, very many things that pregnant women are not “supposed” to do then wearing heels has a lot of company - and its up to each individual to manage their own risks. Judgement free.

Love her or leave her what we as women should be doing is admiring Kim Kardashian for her pride in her pregnancy body.

If there is one thing she is doing right (aside from increasing sales for a certain pair of Perspex heels) it’s that she is showing other pregnant women that no matter how big, how small, how high or how low your bump is it’s beautiful – and it is nothing to be shamed for or ashamed of.

Did you wear heels when you were pregnant?