"I wish I lied about my due date."

If it’s true, Kim Kardashian has officially come up with the best idea for every pregnant woman. At the end of my pregnancy, I cursed her for not sharing her brilliant idea with me.

Kimmy K’s second pregnancy has been called into question numerous times by media outlets. From whether she’s wearing a fake bump (com’on, why would anyone do this?) to her lying about her due date (pure genius).

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Allegedly, the most famous Kardashian sister might be lying to the world about her due date so she can avoid the paparazzi stalking her when she’s rushing to the hospital. Fair enough.

While Kimmy K is doing it to avoid the paps, I wish I had lied to avoid the questions.

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When you’re pregnant with your first, there is nothing more frightening than D-day. For about eight months, you can push the thought out of your mind. But when you go on maternity leave or start buying food that will expire after your due date… you can no longer avoid the inevitable.

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As I entered my third trimester, I became very very aware that there was only one ending to pregnancy (yes, I clearly didn’t think it through). Regardless of how uncomfortable I felt, I was bloody freaked out about D-day. So much so that people couldn’t even wish me good luck without my squashed stomach flipping (read more about that here).

Half way into my pregnancy, with the possibility of needing a C-section increasing, I made my husband promise to keep the surgery date a secret. By the end, only my obstetrician, the hospital and my husband knew I was having a C-section and the date it was scheduled for. The last thing my freaked-out mind needed was anyone sending well wishes the night before (and reminding me of what was about to happen the following day). Or asking to be there the moment I left the operating theater (family, I’m pointing the finger at you).


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But it wasn’t enough. I had told everyone the truth about my due date. Damn you Kimmy K, why didn’t you tell me about your ingenious idea earlier.

Avi Vince at 34 weeks... and counting. Image via Instagram.

You see, from about 34 weeks, I was officially on baby watch (now, I know how Kate Middleton felt). I would receive text messages like:

"So, how are you going?"

Which translates to:

"Are you in labour yet?"

I would be asked about my visits to the obstetrician:

"So, how is the baby looking?"

Which translates to:

"Are you in labour yet?"

My bump would be remarked on:

"Wow, your bump is looking so big now."

Which translates to:

"Are you in labour yet?"

I understand everyone around me was just getting excited. I'm fortunate enough to have a group of caring people who wanted to share in the wonderfulness about to happen.

But as any pregnant woman would know... each message just increased the anxiety.

So next time, I'm going to be like Kim and lie about my due date. Sorry friends and family. I might even through in a fake baby bump for the fun of it.

How did you feel in the lead up to the birth?