Weeks ago, Kim Kardashian posted a throwback photo. And everyone thinks it's a clue.

On Friday, Kim Kardashian became the first of the Klan to publicly confirm one of the pregnancy rumours floating around involving her, her sister Khloe and her step-sister Kylie Jenner.

Now, fans are thinking she dropped another clue that yes, the three Klan sisters really are expecting together.

Followers of the reality TV star have deep dived, finding a “throwback” photo Kim posted to Instagram in early September – before the pregnancy (PR?) storm descended upon the family.

The photo is one of Kim, Khloe and Kylie holidaying in Costa Rica last January. The image itself is typical Kardashian – high-riding swimwear, a pool in the background, water views beyond that.

The 3 of us…

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No, it’s the caption that has fans in a flurry.

“The 3 of us…” Kim has written next to the image.

“FACEPALM” one person has commented.

“Are pregnant,” another has said.

“Look, Kim spilled the beans,” another replied

Three Kardashian babies are on their way. And the timing is very convenient. Post continues below.

The speculation comes after the trailer for season 14 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians dropped on Friday.

“What happens every time I say, ‘Guess what?’” Kim asks Khloe in the trailer. “We’re having a baby!” Kim tells her sister.

Thus confirming – directly from Kim herself – that she and rapper husband Kanye are expecting a baby via surrogate.

This is the first confirmation from one of the Klan that a new Kardashian is on the way, amid speculation Khloe, 33, is pregnant with boyfriend Tristan Thompson and their half-sister Kylie, 20, is also pregnant with 25-year-old boyfriend Travis Scott.

Was the photo really just a throwback? Or was it a hint of what’s to come? We can’t wait to find out.