The real reason Kim Kardashian is using a surrogate for her third child.

The idea of a doctor sticking their arm inside my vagina to scrape placenta away from my ureteral wall with their fingernails moments after I just gave birth isn’t something that sounds particularly appealing to me.

Nor is the idea of undergoing a further two surgeries to remove the placenta and scar tissue the doctor was unable to reach. But hey, that’s part and parcel for the five per cent of women who experience placenta accreta in pregnancies, right?

kim kardashian preeclampsia
Kardashian West with her daughter, North. Source: Instagram.

Preeclampsia - a condition which leads to high blood pressure, nausea, headaches, fluid retention, feeling generally awful for the better part of your pregnancy and, in two per cent of cases, death for the women who have the condition - also strikes me as something worth avoiding at all costs.

Love her or loathe her, for Kim Kardashian West, this has been her pregnancy and childbirth reality.

Bringing her four-year-old daughter North and one-year-old son Saint into the world were not the magical, joyous and complication-free experiences parents so often speak about. They were dangerous.

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"You had toxaemia [preeclampsia], you had a retained placenta [placenta accreta]... very traumatic," one of Kardashian West's doctors told her during a recent episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, adding, "we're always worried about the next serious complication."

"You getting pregnant again would be a high-risk pregnancy," her fertility expert confirmed.


And so now, wishing to have a third child with her husband of three years, Kanye West, the 36-year-old has decided not to go against doctor's orders and risk her life, but to hire a surrogate instead. And for some reason, much of the internet has decided to ignore this well-documented and commonly known information and simply call bullsh*t on Kardashian West's decision.

The real reason for bringing a surrogate onboard, they say, is so that the reality TV star can retain her figure, keep working and not readjust her lifestyle. She doesn't want to put in the hard yards, apparently.


If I was Kim Kardashian West, I'd want a surrogate too. Not so that I could retain my waistline, but so I could actually be around to see my kids grow up.

I'd also be more likely to respect the advice of those who have dedicated their entire professional lives to knowing more about pregnancy and childbirth than those on the internet could ever begin to understand.

kim kardashian preeclampsia
Kardashian West with son Saint. Source: Instagram.

When speaking about her experience following North's delivery, Kardashian West called it "the most painful experience" of her life. Wanting to avoid reliving that in a bid to have a long and full life with her children seems completely reasonable.

Kardashian West knows that a third pregnancy would be both risky and unsafe. So why on earth are people now chastising her for taking the safest route?