Kim Kardashian West just made a strong case for clear plastic heels.

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There was a time where fashion’s elite couldn’t even mouth the words “plastic” and “heel” without visibly convulsing.

While they may have once been the domain of strippers and pole dancers exclusively, clear plastic shoes – boots, heels, sandals, the whole shebang – are now firmly in the fashion lexicon. Whether you like it or abhor it.

As usual, we have Ms Kim Kardashian West to blame thank for the gentrification of a shoe that’s long been shunned from our wardrobes.

Casually walking around New York City and not at all planning on being photographed, Kim capped off a see-through bra/denim jacket/denim shorts combo with some thigh-high, clear, plastic boots.

kim kardashian plastic boots

Image: Getty.

Completely see-through. From the top to the bottom.

A little Glad Wrap chic, no?

kim kardashian plastic boots close up

Image: Getty.

While they’re not really my cup of tea (even if you sweetened the deal with milk and sugar), you can’t deny the power of the Kardashian juggernaut in setting - no, dictating - what we’re all going to be wearing. (Post continues after gallery.)

Visible sweat, chafing issues and the fact that you'd have to shave your pins aside, there are, in fact, some plastic fantastic options out there that don’t immediately conjure up the descriptor “tacky”.

Allow me to prove it to you with these four options...

Public Desire Alia Clear Strap Block Heeled Sandals from ASOS, $65.

asos clear heels

Image: ASOS.

Public Desire Star Clear Peeptoe Heeled Ankle Boots, $87.

asos clear boots

Image: ASOS.

Boohoo Bella Metallic Clear Cylinder Two Part Heel, $64.

Boohoo clear heels

Image: Boohoo.

Diavolina Codella, $179.95.

diavolina codella shoe

Image: Wanted Shoes.

Would you try clear plastic heels?

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