Kim Kardashian is sharing images of the time leading up to her Paris robbery.

Eight months on from a robbery that left her bound, gagged and held at gunpoint inside her Paris apartment, Kim Kardashian West is returning to the days leading up to that life-changing moment, posting images of her Paris Fashion Week visit to social media.

“Just because” the 36-year-old captioned a photo of herself posted to Instagram on Tuesday evening. In it, Kardashian West can be seen wearing pieces of jewellery that were stolen from her in the high-profile heist days later.

Two hours later, a second post followed, showing a close-up image of the mother-of-two and husband Kanye West, captioned, “Not today.”

Within hours, the posts received hundreds of thousands of likes and comments of love from her 100 million followers.

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While the social media mogul is yet to divulge the reasoning behind her decision to post the photos, the most likely theory is that almost one year on from the harrowing incident, she’s stopped blaming herself for what happened. That she understands that no amount Snapchats, Instagram posts or wealth accumulation means a woman deserves to be violated within their own home.

Speaking to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres about the robbery in April, Kardashian West said, “I’m such a different person now.”

“It was probably no secret, you see it on the show when I was being flashy. Like I was definitely materialistic before — not that there’s anything bad with having things and working hard to get those things, and I’m really proud of everyone around me that’s successful, but I’m so glad that my kids [daughter North and son Saint] get this me.”

She continued, “And that this is who I’m raising my kids as. Because I just don’t care about that stuff anymore.”

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