FLUFF: Kim Kardashian's nipple makes a surprise appearance.

We’ve spent a really, really long and weird amount of time looking at this photograph today.

Analysing whether Kimmy Kardashian-West‘s nipple made a surprise appearance.

Just a sample of the conversation:

“Is that nipple in Kim K’s photo?”

“I was so busy looking at her hair I didn’t notice there was some pretty visible nipple action going on.”

“That can’t be nipple, it’s too close to her underarm. It should be more central to the breast. It’s a seam on her dress. Negatory on the nipple sighting.”

“It’s definitely nipple. Nipple in fabric, but nipple all the same. You haven’t seen enough breasts. Some breasts have side-y nipples. My friend has massive side nipples.”

“But the nipple is covered, I don’t see why this matters at all. Everyone has nipples inside their dresses.”

“Why doesn’t she wear a bra?”

“Because bras suck. She should be able to get her nipples out if she wants.”

“I told you, it’s not nipple.”

“It’s definitely nipple. What you’re looking at is Kardashian nipple.”

So… Is that… Kardashian nipple?

Is it… Or isn’t it?

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