Kim Kardashian met her doppelgänger and it went very badly.

Let us introduce you to a girl called Kamilla Osman.

Kamilla, it seems, hasn’t clued onto to what the rest of us already know. That there is already one Kim Kardashian in this world, and anyone who looks just like her should stay far away.

But Kamilla didn’t get the memo, and on the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s she is introduced to the very woman she looks exactly like.

It seems Kim’s bestie Jonathan Cheban introduced his new BFF Kamilla to the world’s most famous woman in an attempt to make her jealous.

But it didn’t really work. Kimmy K just found the whole thing horribly awkward.

“This is super awkward,” she told the camera.

“The fact that Jonathan would take it to this level is so bizarre to me… Jonathan’s trying to rub this in my face and make me feel some type of way, but I don’t.”

Despite revealing her true feelings to the camera, Kim was all smiles in front of her lookalike, posing for photos with her twin.

The star also shared a snap of them together on her website, writing: “I’ve been seeing people say we look so much alike! She’s so sweet and it was so fun to run into her. So funny!”

Despite, the public goodwill, Kim wasn’t please with her friend’s new friend.

“Jonathan can try all he wants to go and replace me. But he can’t. Go try hunny. Go try,” she added.

All credit to Kamilla, though. The girl looks freakishly like our good friend Kim Kardashian.

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