Kim Kardashian is selling a whole lot of clothes on eBay.

It doesn’t matter what it is — good ol’ Kimmy K will find a way to make a buck out of it.

She’s already made a dollar or two from her weightloss shakes, perfumes, shapewear, lollipops (yes, Kardashian Lollipops are a thing), alcohol and iPhone app, just to name a few.

So what’s next for our mate Kim? Selling her second-hand maternity clothes on eBay, of course!

Ever the businesswoman, Kim Kardashian has waited exactly one week after the birth of her son, Saint, to start an online yard sale of her maternity clothes.

Watch Kim discuss potential baby names with Ellen before Saint was born (post continues after video).

Video via Warner Bros

Yep, everything from her ‘Chinchilla Monogram Long Coat’ (current bid $1575 ) to a pair of Adidas runners (oh so affordable at just $172.50) can be bid on over at Kim’s eBay account, ‘kimsaprincess‘.

It’s the perfect hybrid of bargain basement and Kardashian Kouture… no?


So if you’re currently with child, this is your perfect opportunity to dress like a Kardashian at low, low prices (if Chinchilla garments and second-hand runners are what you’re into, that is).

The absolute best part? You can also buy her red trackies! Which, if you ask me, is nothing short of ah-mazing. Nothing says glamorous lounging like wearing a Kardashian’s hand-me-down PJs. Even better, the current bid is $5.50, which is almost definitely cheaper than anything you’ll find in Cotton On Body, just sayin’.

Interested in some of the goodies Kim has to offer? Of course you are! Here are some of our favourites…

Kim won’t be keeping every cent she makes from her eBay venture, though. According to the account, “A percentage of the proceeds from Kim’s auctions benefit The Vous.”

What the Jeff is The Vous, you say?

According to Kim & Ko., it’s “a weekly gathering for young adults to come together to worship God and connect with others.”

While “a percentage of the proceeds,” is extremely a tad vague, it is reassuring that some of the dosh raised will be going to charity and not to Yeezy’s next all-beige clothing line.

One thing’s for sure: I’ve got my eyes on those $5.50 trackies (SHOTGUN! No… seriously. Paws off — they’re mine).

Will you be shopping at Kim Kardashian’s eBay store?