Errr... we just discovered Kim Kardashian has a very gross makeup habit.

In the 10 Commandments of Skincare, rules one to nine would be some variation of ‘thou shall not sleep in my makeup‘.

FYI, number 10 would be ‘use a serum,’ because it’s where all the active ingredients live.

However, sometimes this just isn’t the most practical advice and Kim Kardashian knows this to be true.

When the host of E!’s Busy Tonight, Busy Philipps, asked her if she had “ever accidentally slept with your makeup on”, the reality TV star said she breaks the cardinal beauty rule “all the time”.

Even Busy was shocked.

“If I can’t have glam the next day, I’ll sleep like perfectly and maybe I’ll redo my skin. But I’ll try to salvage it for two days.”


Watch Kim K share her unexpected beauty revelation here.

Video by Busy Tonight

Needless to say, do not follow Kim Kardashian’s advice.

While we all have our nights where attacking your tired – and possibly drunk – face with a bottle of micellar water seems very unappealing, it’s hands down, the kinder option for your skin.

Previously speaking to Mamamia, Dermalogica’s Education Manager, Emma Hobson, stressed the importance of going to bed with a clean face.

“It’s vital to remove your makeup each night,” she said.

“Our skin needs to repair itself at night and allow several processes to occur, including our oil production dropping and our skin temperature and pH fluctuating. The skin is also hotter and more acidic during night time.”

Not to mention you’ll also get fewer breakouts, your skin will look healthier, and your pillowcase will remain so much cleaner.

However, while Kim’s confession would get a big ol’ eye roll from any skincare expert, she’s not the first celebrity who’s admitted to sleeping in their face slap.


The much loved founder behind Go-To Skincare, Zoë Foster Blake, told The File she also sleeps in her makeup when it’s been professionally applied.

“I will sleep in professional eye makeup if I need it for something the next day. What a friggen pig, I know,” she said.

However, unlike Kim, this doesn’t apply to her face makeup.

“I will never sleep in ‘face’ makeup: foundation, blush etc. Not even if I’m really drunk,” she said.


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Similarly, legendary French icon, Jane Birkin, was famed for applying eyeliner before she went to sleep so it looked more “smudgy and beautiful in the morning”.

And while this is all well and good, we can’t in our good beauty conscience tell you to do the same.

Is sleeping in your makeup your dirty beauty secret? Tell us in a comment below, we won’t judge.

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