Kim Kardashian's new TV series is based on Hollywood's most notorious woman.

Kim Kardashian has worn many hats throughout her time in the spotlight. She has worked as Paris Hilton's assistant, designed a successful loungewear line, shilled perfumes, tried her hand at singing, and in recent years has made a foray into studying law.

But now, she also really wants you to take her seriously as an actor.

We know this because she recently sat down for a one-on-one chat with Chloë Sevigny in Variety's hugely popular Actors on Actors series. If you can sift through the online conjecture about whether or not she deserved to have a seat at that table, you'll reach a place where she dropped some pretty interesting insights about an upcoming role she has signed on to do.

It's clear that Sevigny and Kardashian were paired together given their history both working with prolific creator and American Horror Story head honcho, Ryan Murphy. And now Kardashian is set to work with Murphy again and this role might be her most surprising one yet.

Kim Kardashian's new TV series. 

So, you're intrigued, but what is this new TV project that Kardashian is working on with Murphy? 

From her Actors on Actors interview, we can glean some tidbits about the new currently untitled series and it sounds rather interesting. When quizzed by Sevigny about any hints she can drop, Kardashian said this. 

"I’m going to be playing a lawyer, a high-powered divorce attorney," she said. "I will be channeling Laura Wasser, if that resonates with anybody."

She also went on to say that she's thrilled to be given the opportunity to step into this new character especially given how closely it aligns with her personal endeavours of becoming a lawyer.


"I’m really excited about it," she said. "And, again, that confidence that he (Murphy) believes in me to take this project on means so much to me. And it feels so right as a character that I could be a lawyer in real life and play one on TV."

According to reports from Deadline this big profile project is quickly gaining in traction with the series set to head to streaming platform Hulu and casting is well underway.

"While deals are still being worked out, Murphy, Kardashian and Jenner, who are all executive producing, have already begun preliminary casting, exploring ideas for three other actresses to play Kardashian’s glamorous and accomplished law partners, and an A-list actor to play her on-screen love interest, I hear," writes Nellie Andreeva of Deadline.

Powerhouse lawyer to the stars.

It's no secret that Ryan Murphy loves to riffle through the pages of history books to bring a high-camp spin on the tales of notable figures. In the past he has reimagined series based on people like Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Jeffrey Dahmer, and O.J. Simpson.

So it's no surprise that he's now turning to another cultural phenomenon to get inspiration for his next series: the celebrity divorce.

Every year the public watches on in shock and awe as yet another Hollywood couple heads for the divorce courts and there's one lawyer who has emerged as a celebrity in her own right.


Laura Wasser. 

She is every inch as glamorous as you'd expect a high-profile Hollywood divorce lawyer to be and her reputation means that when relationships start to reach the point of no return, she's the first person to call.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Wasser has never been a stranger to the glitz of Hollywood or celebrity divorces for that matter. Not only did she grow up in Beverly Hills rubbing shoulders with A-listers but her father, Dennis Wasser, was a prominent divorce lawyer himself. 


After graduating from law school she joined her father's firm and by virtue of her connections to some big names in the entertainment industry, she started growing a name for herself as the new go-to Hollywood divorce lawyer.

"I went to high school with a lot of people who are in the entertainment industry behind the scenes. Business managers, agents, entertainment attorneys," she told PEOPLE in an interview. "If their client was getting divorced, they'd be like, 'Call Laura Wasser.' "

Like many lawyers, Wasser doesn't mince her words and she shoots from the hip. So much so, she isn't afraid to let her thoughts on monogamy go unknown. Turns out she doesn't really believe in marriage, go figure.

"For most people, human beings were not meant to mate for life. If you've found someone and you're with that person and you guys are together until death do you part, you're blessed and that's fantastic," she told PEOPLE

"But a lot of people do not find that to be the case. So I think it's better for children and people in general to be in a happy house, to be in a happy relationship. If you're not in a happy relationship, don't let your kids grow up seeing two miserable people that dislike each other. Move on."


She herself swore off marriage after getting divorced in 1993, however she later went on to have two sons from two different long-term relationships.

Throughout her career, Wasser has been the mastermind behind a number of high-profile celebrity divorces representing everyone from Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Kevin Costner, Joe Manganiello to Drew Barrymore, Heidi Klum, and Christina Aguilera.

Infamously, Wasser was also hired by both Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck to negotiate their divorce, as she is known for working quickly and also keeping the details of her famous clients intensely quiet.

Wasser is also notorious behind the scenes in Hollywood for controlling how the media covers the marriages of her high-profile clients, and it's even been reported that she organises for groups of separations and divorces to be announced all at once, in order to take the spotlight off one particular couple and dilute the news cycle.


Which would explain why it sometimes feels like all your favorite celebrity couples are breaking up at once.

Wasser and Kardashian's history.

Perhaps Kardashian has a vested interest in stepping into the juicy role for more than one reason. Of course on paper it looks like she's keen on portraying a lawyer on screen in a way to honour not only her father's legacy but to give a nod to her own legal aspirations.

But she's also seen firsthand how Wasser operates given the famous attorney was brought on board to help finalise Kardashian's divorce from rapper, Kanye West and her 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in 2015. Image: Getty.


In a recent episode of The Kardashians', Kim sat down with American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy to further discuss her upcoming role and how Wasser formed a base for the character. She also went into detail about how the pair had formed a bond after working together over the years.

"When you're going through a divorce, I would imagine that you become very close to your lawyer and you tell them everything," Murphy quizzed Kardashian.

"I mean there are so many fun moments with like Laura (Wasser) where I say things like, 'don't ever let me do this again,' then the with the next one she would be like, 'Hi, you reminded me last time, don't ever let you do this again," Kardashian said.

It's not clear if this new series will be hooked on Wasser's life or if she is just the inspiration for a character — either way, our interest is piqued.

A pivotal role for Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian and Murphy first teamed up when the series creator tapped her on the shoulder to see if she would be keen to step into the AHS universe.

"He came to me with an idea that was kind of reality-based, and I wasn’t into it," she told Sevigny. 

"And then he said, "I really want to write something for you. Would you consider doing American Horror Story ?" I obviously know the franchise — and it was an honour. Sometimes it just takes that one person to really believe in you and give you that push."

From there the character of Siobhan was created for Kardashian in American Horror Story: Delicate and by all accounts she did a great job portraying the ballsy publicist who also moonlights as a witch.

But now it looks like she truly has her work cut out for her with what seems like a much meatier role and all eyes will be on her to see how she brings this character to life on screen.

"My feeling was that “OK, every year I want to do something that makes me terribly uncomfortable,” to where I can just grow and hopefully be a better person because of that terrifying experience," she said during the Actors on Actors interview.

According to Deadline we won't have to wait long to see Kardashian take on this leading role with production set to kick off later this year with a premiere date slated for early 2025.

Feature Image: Getty.

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