Kevin Cooper is on death row for murdering kids. Now, Kim Kardashian wants to free him.


Kim Kardahian West has angered the mother of a young boy who was murdered at a sleepover by voicing her support for the man convicted of his murder.

Mary Ann Hughes said Kardashian West’s involvement in trying to exonerate the convicted killer “makes me feel sick to my stomach”.

In 1983, Mary Ann’s son Christopher was stabbed to death while he was sleeping over at a friend’s house in Chino Hills, California.

Christopher was murdered alongside Douglas and Peggy Ryens and their 10-year-old daughter Jessica, at their home. The Ryens’ eight-year-old son survived the attack.

The man convicted of quadruple murder, Kevin Cooper, has always maintained his innocence, saying he was framed.

He is currently incarcerated on death row at San Quentin State Prison in California, but Kardashian West is trying to secure his release.

She has successfully lobbied California Governors Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom to order additional DNA testing in Cooper’s case.

The testing of evidence during his last appeal included testing of a t-shirt believed to be the killer’s, which was found to have Cooper’s blood and test tube preservative on it.

Cooper’s supporters think this is an indication evidence was tampered with as the blood on the t-shirt could’ve been put there from the inside of a test tube that contained his blood, instead of splattering occurring during the murders.

Cooper is now awaiting results of additional DNA testing.

Kardashian West visited him in the maximum security facility and posted a picture of them together, with a caption asserting that she believes he’s innocent:



Mary Anne Hughes spoke to TMZ about the latest developments, and says Kardashian West is making her relive the trauma of her son’s death.

“It makes me feel sick to my stomach and I pity her. For what she’s doing to us, there’s nothing to justify what she’s doing to us, the immense pain she is causing us.”

Hughes also suggested Kardashian West isn’t aware of the full story.

“She has bought into half truths perpetrated by the defense.

“If she actually sat down and read the transcripts of all the trials and appeals, she would be sick to her stomach to be in the same room with him.”

Kardashian West, who is studying law to take her bar exam, has been helping secure the release of many prisoners of late.

TMZ reports she’s successfully freed 17 inmates in recent months.

Most famously, she’s campaigned for the release of Alice Marie Johnson who was serving life imprisonment for a drug offence. Kardashian West appealed to President Donald Trump at the White House and he commuted the sentence, resulting in her early release.