'Kim Kardashian says being pregnant is the worst experience of her life. And I say, Amen.'

Kim Kardashian West has gone and done it.

She’s busted one of the biggest fallacies going around in one short post on her website.

Entitled From the Desk Of: How I Really Feel About Being Pregnant, the 34-year-old reality show star reveals that she, in fact, hates it.

“I’m gonna keep it real: For me, pregnancy is the worst experience of my life! LOL!” she wrote. (Though I’m assuming the LOL means it’s not literally THE actual worst experience of her life – I’m pretty sure her dad dying and her two divorces would top the list of shitty, shitty things that have happened.)

“I don’t enjoy one moment of it and I don’t understand people who enjoy it.”

Kanye and Kim are reportedly expecting a boy in December. Image via Instagram.

Finally. A pregnant woman preaching the truth. Amen, sister.

And I’m bloody glad someone is telling it like it is. Because pregnancy is not all dreamy-faced belly-rubbing and husbands massaging your feet.

Despite the fantasies portrayed in panty liner commercials, women shouldn’t be under the impression they will turn into a glowing goddess immediately upon bearing a child.

They should know they’re far more likely to become hairy, gassy, hormonal monsters that cannot for the life of them fit into regular clothes.

According to Kim, these are “pregnancy lips”. Image via Instagram.

I’m five months into my first pregnancy and while I wouldn’t go so far as to classify it as the worst experience of my life, I agree that it can be pretty f—king awful.

All the baby stuff is super expensive. There are approximately one million doctors’ appointments to attend. And don’t even get me started on morning sickness.

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But, I digress.

My new feminist hero Kardashian West, with her second due in December, continued: “Maybe it’s the swelling, the backaches or just the complete mindf–k of how your body expands and nothing fits.” (Or maybe it’s the nausea, the constipation, or the constant fear that whatever you’re about to put into your mouth will harm your unborn child.)

“I just always feel like I’m not in my own skin. It’s hard to explain. I don’t feel sexy, either — I feel insecure and most of the time I just feel gross.”

She doesn’t feel sexy and here’s a nude pregnancy selfie to prove it. Image via Instagram.

Body image is a tough beast for most women, let alone one who is constantly stalked by paparazzi. And accused of faking her pregnancy if her bump appears too big — or small. And reproached for endangering her child if she dares to wear heels. And slammed for the baby weight she packed on in her first pregnancy. No wonder she feels self-conscious.


I’m already struggling with the weight gain resulting from needing to eat every few hours to keep the nausea at bay.

Despite being regularly told, “You’re not fat, you’re pregnant,” adjusting to a much fuller figure can be really challenging (so can be finding clothes that don’t make a pregnant woman resemble a whale).

Kim had a hard time in her first pregnancy with little North West.

Having people touch my belly, which still feels like a food baby to me, makes me uncomfortable.

Having people comment on my size, even more so. Even something as innocent as a, “Wow, you’ve popped,” can be interpreted in the head of a sensitive and hormonal pregnant woman as, “Holy shit, you’re huge!”

And, like my new soul sister Kardashian West, I don’t feel beautiful.

I don’t feel sexy.

Having my belly hang over my pants makes me feel nothing but gross (as KKW so eloquently puts it).

Kim and I aren’t the only ones. A pregnant friend recently confessed she could barely stand to look at her reflection in the mirror.

Maybe it’s a sad indictment on a self-obsessed generation that grew up on Photoshop and selfies, but it’s real.

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I’m glad Kim got her feelings off her (much talked about) chest.

No doubt she’ll cop it from people accusing her of being ungrateful and insensitive to those unable to carry their own child.

Being christened North West style.

But from someone who publicly struggled through her first pregnancy and had fertility issues afterwards, she knows how lucky she is.

And she is entitled to talk about the less appealing aspects of pregnancy.

She ends with the disclaimer that “it is all SO worth it when you have your precious baby in the end”.

And, based on the simple fact that women go through this state again and again and again, I believe you.

We know we are incredibly fortunate to be able to experience the miracle that is growing a person inside you.

And we know that all the horrendous symptoms of pregnancy (not to mention the trauma of giving birth) will be quickly forgotten the first time we hear our new baby’s hearty chuckle.

But, in the meantime, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a whinge about it every now and then.

Does it?