Kim Kardashian was slut-shamed at Glastonbury. And there's nothing OK with that.

She was 23 years old. Why can’t we let the past stay in the past?

While 34-year-old Kim Kardashian stood backstage and watched her husband perform at Glastonbury, a man stood in the tens-of-thousands-strong crowd and waved a giant flag with her face on it, slut-shaming her for something she did when she was 23.

The man, who will henceforce be known as dickhead and nothing else, went to the trouble of blowing up a photo of Kim Kardashian from her 2003 sex tape, plastering it on a giant flag and waving it in front of Kanye West’s face during his performance.

You can watch Kanye’s closing song below, where he describes himself as “the greatest rock star of all time”. Post continues after video.

Video via Hello America

The flag depicted 34-year-old Kim performing oral sex on her boyfriend at the time, rapper Ray J, and featured the phrase “Get Down Girl, Get head, Get Down”, a play on Kanye’s Gold Digger lyrics.

Because nothing says ‘absolute jerk’ like heckling a singer over his pregnant wife’s past.

Mamamia has chosen not to publish the images. 

Aside from the reaction that this person wanted to elicit, he’s done something much worse. He’s stripped Kim Kardashian down to a body, removed the titles of mother, wife, businesswoman, billionaire, and announced his ownership over her by taking a photo from her sex tape – that was released without her permission – and waved it in front of Kanye to be a dick.

Whatever your thoughts on Kim Kardashian – whether you think she leaked her own sex tape for fame or whether she ‘deserves’ something like this, which is absolutely not true – she is a human being who deserves to be respected.

She’s a 34-year-old woman. A mother. A successful businesswoman. And one who deserves better.

Click through the gallery below for photos of Kim Kardashian that she has consented to.

Do you find the flag funny or distasteful?

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