Kim Kardashian is documenting every single moment of her pregnancy.

Yes, Kimmy K is the Queen of the Selfies.

Yes, Kanye is the God of Self-love.

Yes, we see their lives in all the intimate detail in Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account.

But, they are going one step further with their second pregnancy.

Seeing double: Kim Kardashian West. Image via @kimkardashian Instagram.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are reportedly shelling out over US$150k for their own personal camera crew to film the progress of Kim's second pregnancy. And because it's them, we kind of believe the rumour.

Their first child, North West is now a cute two-year-old toddler. Apparently Kim, who is four months' preggers with a baby boy, is a huge fan of time-lapse videos (as are we).

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In case you're wondering, time-lapse videos are made by taking stills of the pregnant woman in the same spot each and every day, which is then compiled into a short movie clip to show the progression of the pregnancy. Cute.

Kind of like this (post continues after the video):

But Kim being Kim wants to take things a whole lot further.

She wants to hire the same discreet team who filmed the couple's wedding last summer to – we hope you're sitting down – capture every intimate detail of her baby's birth.

Yes, she wants a camera crew in the delivery room with her while she's in labour.

Kim with her cutie, North West. Image via @kimkardashian Instagram.

The celebrity couple want the video to be done in an arty high-fashion kind of way. Not sure if the whole process of childbirth would fall under this category, Kim. Just saying.

Kim and Kanye have reportedly said they will fly the crew to wherever they are in the world to make filming a reality.

But it's for their eyes only - the video will never air publicly. So, it will be a nice keep sake for the family.

Who did you want in the delivery room when you had your baby?