Kim Kardashian has chimed in on Kanye's latest Twitter feud with two highly suss tweets.

In case you missed it, Kanye West is currently embroiled in a Twitter feud with Canadian rapper Drake.

This in itself is just ‘another day in the life of Kanye,’ but Kim Kardashian has now joined in on the conversation with two highly questionable tweets of her own, and we MUST talk about them.

But first, a little context.

Prior to Kanye’s latest Twitter rant, his relationship with Drake was believed to be strained at best, after it was widely reported Drake’s hit song ‘In My Feelings’ was actually about his past relationship with Kim ‘Kiki’ Kardashian (“Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me”). And the fact that Drake never publicly denied this, reportedly irked Kanye.

Then recently on December 14, Kanye tweeted a message about Drake’s request to sample ‘Say What’s Real,’ a song he produced for Drake in 2009. However after a very angry 17-tweet-long Twitter rant, the 41-year-old declared he wouldn’t give Drake sample clearance until he apologised for criticising his Yeezy 350 sneakers in his 2018 song ‘No Stylist’.


Judging from Kanye’s Twitter feed, the issue still hasn’t been resolved… but now back to Kim Kardashian.

Wading in on the feud, Kim shared two tweets which overtly defended her husband, and they just sounded a little bit off.


Although this isn’t the first time Kim has jumped to her husband’s defence on Twitter, we’d like to offer this theory to you , dear reader, of a possible alternate, hypothetical scenario.

See, we’d like to speculate that Kim didn’t post that slightly awkward tweet about Kanye, instead it was Kanye himself who ‘borrowed’ (stole, took, hacked etc.) Kim’s phone, logged into her Twitter account and posted those tweets under the belief that nobody would notice.

But people did in fact notice, and we weren’t the only ones either.






Case closed.


Do you think Kim’s tweets sounded a little bit ‘off’? Tell us in a comment below.

Apparently Kanye get’s upset with Kim Kardashian over her Instagram posts. She talks about it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Video by The Ellen Show