We don't mean to alarm you all, but Kim Kardashian has put a stack of clothes on Ebay.

Oh my! So many bargains!

We don’t mean to alarm you all, but Kim Kardashian has put a stack of clothes on Ebay.

And they’re really well priced, and in good condition, and (if you’re a clothes size eight or a shoe size 36) we would definitely not object to you clicking here and placing a bid.

The auction is taking place to raise money for the California Community Church.

So, it’s sort of like clearing out your wardrobe for op shop at the parish fete. But with more Burberry leather jackets.

While Kim’s page provides the following information about the California Community Church:

A percentage of the proceeds from all my auctions will benefit the California Community Church, who’s mission is: To glorify God; To serve unselfishly, in Jesus’ name, meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those in our Church, community and in the world; To benefit the people of Southern California by providing opportunities for spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and cultural development in Christian life.

She glosses over a few key things: The church was co-founded by Kim’s mum, Kris Jenner. It charges membership fees of $1000 a month. They meet at the Sheraton Hotel.

Kim also doesn’t have the best track record with transparent charitable giving. Her November Ebay auction came under scrutiny after documents obtained by RadarOnline determined that, once Kim had paid her account managers and herself, less than 10 per cent of the money spent in the auction actually went to the church.

But, some charity is better than no charity, right? In Kim’s defence, the church’s website does appear to have a charitable branch called The Bridge, with a contact form for locals in need, so maybe giving to the Kardashian Kirche isn’t so bad after all?

Here are the pretty things you can buy: