Kim Kardashian has shared her 'whimsical' Christmas decorations and we have many questions.


There’s nothing quite like getting your Christmas tree out of its box (or purchasing a real one), popping on some Mariah Carey and decorating your home with twinkling lights and brightly coloured baubles.

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian West, in which case a traditional green tree with tinsel would totally ruin your very, very minimalist decor (and by decor we mean… empty space).

Kim gave her Instagram followers a look at her Christmas decorations over the weekend, and the biggest question was… What are those?

“I love these. They’re so whimsical, like Whoville, but all white,” she narrated videos on her Instagram stories, while showing us these:

kim kardashian christmas
What. Image: Instagram/@kimkardashian.
kim kardashian christmas
The. Image: Instagram/@kimkardashian.
kim kardashian christmas
HECK. Image: Instagram/@kimkardashian.

Sure, it could be Whoville, the colourful, festive town from Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. If Whoville has been ravaged by bleach.

Now, naturally, Kim's interesting interpretation of 'festive' has raised a number of questions for well, everyone. Let's see...

1. What are they made out of?

They look like the sorts of toilet paper dresses we make a bachelorette parties.


They also could be constructed from q-tips or cotton balls, and actually... do you know what else is often made from cotton?

2. Are they giant tampons?

kim kardashian christmas
Images: Instagram/@kimkardashian and Getty.

I see no difference.

3. Where do Kim and Kanye put their presents?

There's no doubt North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm West will get some sweet Christmas gifts, but having seen Kim's decorations we have to wonder, where the heck do they put them?

(Side note: What would KKW Christmas wrapping paper look like?)

Besides the tampon forest, Kim and Kanye also have this - again, all white - Christmas tree. But there's a problem.

Usually, Christmas trees have just trunk or base at the bottom so there's room to fit delightfully wrapped toys and Cadbury Favourites boxes at the bottom. We... don't see one here.

kim kardashian christmas
THERE IS NO ROOM FOR PRESENTS. Image: Instagram/@kimkardashian.


4. What do Kim and Kanye have against colour?

Kim and Kanye love beige, and white, and cream. We're not sure if those are colours or just shades, but either way Kimye are big fans.

The one or two items of furniture in their house fit this colour (or non-colour) scheme, and now so do their 'decorations' but... it's Christmas.

Just buy the coloured baubles.

5. Are spiders going to crawl out and takeover their home?

The decorations look remarkably like the creepy egg sacks spiders lay which means in two to three weeks time, Kim's home looks like it will be infested.

kim kardashian christmas
Image: Instagram/@kimkardashian.

We're hoping she doesn't share follow up videos of when that happens.

6. Wait. Don't they also look like... other things?

A selection of vox pop answers from around the Mamamia office:

  • "Those are definitely sex toys, right?"
  • "Have they padded their walls?"
  • "Is that a standard amount of toilet paper for a family of six?"
  • "Has she bleached cacti?"
  • "Is Kim K holding Olaf hostage?"
kim kardashian christmas
"Help." Image: Instagram/@kimkardashian/Disney.

If you still haven't got around to putting up your own decorations, maybe you can take some inspiration from the Wests.

Besides, it's probably a good money saver: All you need is toilet paper.

Feature images: Instagram/@kimkardashian.