Kim Kardashian uses Calvin Harris to take another stab at Taylor Swift.

Theirs is the celebrity feud that never ends.

Just when you think that whole Kim Kardashian/Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift vs. Calvin Harris was slowing down and disappearing off your social media feeds forever, it rears its ugly head once again.

This time, two of Taylor’s biggest critics have teamed up, adding further fuel to the fire.

Kim Kardashian was spotted parting with Taylor’s ex, Calvin Harris – who famously went on a Twitter rant against the starlet earlier this month – at Jennifer Lopez’s birthday celebrations over the weekend.

Image via Instagram.

Yeah, we didn't know they were friends either. But I guess, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", right?

Prior to the party, both Kim and Calvin posted Snapchats of themselves singing along to some of Kanye's hits - Kim even mouthed the words to THE SONG THAT STARTED IT ALL, Famous.

Nope, she's not letting it go. Of course, Kim was responsible for sending the drama over the lyrics mentioning Taylor's name in the first place, sharing a series of videos on Snapchat that appear to show the young singer approving the lyrics with Kanye.


After initially responding to the release of the videos with a statement on social media, Taylor has remained tight-lipped on the situation, even when her ex-boyfriend is hanging out with her public enemy number one.

Kanye and Taylor have been feuding since the song was released. Source: Getty Images.

Hands up who's ready to give TayTay the crown of #BetterPerson in this whole saga?

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