Kim Kardashian’s massive, massive change. Who IS this woman?

Kim Kardashian has totally changed her look going platinum blonde.

For once it’s the other end of Kim Kardashian the world is focused upon. She has debuted brand new hair, and the transformation is incredible.

North is set for a lifetime of scholarly achievement.
The Kim we are used to seeing.


Her dramatic haircut has, this time, broken the internet. She debuted her look at the Balmain show during Paris Fashion Week overnight.

Just days after posting this image on Instagram.

kim dark
Kim Kardashian one week ago


She arrived Paris with her hair tucked under a black hat – and then finally overnight she unveiled her new look.


kim hair for poostShe wrote on Instagram “So I went platinum!! I have the best team! Thank you [email protected] for being my inspiration and introducing me to @GregoryRussellHair who cut my hair & put this team together! Thank you @LorriGoddard_ who dyed my hair & got this color in one try! Not an easy task”

kim instagram
Kim Kardashian instagram


Her platinum locks come just days after she made the fairly startling announcement to People Magazine that she waxed and then lasered her hairline.

“I have the hairiest forehead you could ever imagine, and I would always break out and get all cracky on my forehead just from all the hair that I had,” she tells PEOPLE. “So in high school, I would wax it off because there was just so much hair, and then I would laser it off a little bit. If you Google 2008 or 2007, I had the craziest, hairiest hairline, so I did laser it. Everyone would just Photoshop it every time I did a photo shoot [anyway]. I didn’t really change the shape, I just got rid of all the baby hairs.”

Along with this astonishing declaration she also told us she only washes her hair every five days. The Glow reporting she said:

“We start out with a blowout on day one then we go into a messier vibe the next day, and then we flat-iron it and do a really sleek look on day three since that requires a little oil in the hair. Day four could be a slicked-back ponytail, and on the fifth day is when you wash it.”

The prediction is that Kayne West will be a happy man today with Kim telling People Magazine back in August that he prefers blondes. She said at the time, “Kanye likes the blonde. But I think I’m going to stay dark.”

Since then the world has shifted on its axis.

Her new look has now officially broken social media.

The world gives in Kim. You win. You win.



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